Frida Kahlo: What was in her makeup bag?

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Make-up as a shield against life’s difficulties

It is easy to understand why cosmetics, like clothes, have become a kind of mask Frida Kahlo. Her life was marked by physical difficulties: at the age of six, she must learn to live with the effects of polio, and at 18, she suffered numerous fractures, including the spine, in a bus accident. “Frida Kahlo ended up relying on makeup.”explain Claire WilcoxHer lipsticks and powders are powerful transformation tools. “When her body failed her, her face became her canvas. “A woman who can skillfully wield a brush can easily transfer her talent from a palette to a makeup palette. As an illustrator, Kahlo He spent most of his life surrounded by mirrors, scrutinizing the smallest details of his face. These mirrors were ubiquitous in Casa Azul, even above her bed where they were often confined. Although extravagant, Frida In fact, she lacks confidence in herself and her appearance. In 1933, she made a self-portrait without a stunt, which she called Very Ugly – “Very ugly”.What I like about my face is my eyebrows and eyes.”, I wrote. “to me Other than that, I don’t like anything. I have a mustache and generally look like a man. “

About those famous brows: the kit Kahlo Contains eyebrow pencil Revlon Ebony color, a product called TalikaIt was first developed in Paris after the war to treat soldiers’ burns, facilitating hair regrowth. This indicates that not only Frida Kahlo She refused to wax, but deliberately highlighted her thick, bold eyebrows, which Rivera has compared.”With wings of a blackbird. “His eyebrows were the cause of most of the problems for Judy ChenThe makeup artist who took care of him Salma Hayek While filming the 2002 biopic, Frida. (The film has now become controversial after the actress admitted to being mistreated by producer Harvey Weinstein.) chin Place a small piece of cloth, hand-spun with angora, between my eyebrows Salma HayekSometimes you add a few hairs. For super close-ups, she had to apply the hairs one by one with glue and tweezers, then thicken them with eyebrow pencils from Stella And the Kat Von D.

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