Besancon. Criminal trial of a local tyrant

The indictment defies belief. He beats this little 68-year-old with white hair and framed glasses, frozen in his trunk, this Wednesday, the first day of his trial in Besançon Assize Court. An indictment based on the testimony of his 34-year-old daughter. She faces him, curled up in her seat, staring low, tired features, her face partially hidden by her dark hair.

In 2012, she pushed the door of a police station in Dijon, where she then lives, to denounce the unprecedented violence. She asserts that between the ages of nine and sixteen she was subjected to multiple assaults from her father: touching, digital intrusions, inserting food and a hair dryer into her vagina, having to drink his semen in a cup, sexually-motivated punishments, acts that include a dog and a cat in the home, especially in The bathroom and basement of the family home, located in the Besançon conglomerate.

The accused denies

The young woman also conjures up mysterious “meetings”, where her father handed her over to the men, for the sake of spoiled games in which she was the stake, in which one of her uncles, now deceased, took part. The young woman continues to tell that she was a victim of her brother, who is four years older than her, who confessed to the facts and was convicted by the juvenile court of rape. She asserts that her brother “initiated” violence against her to some extent by her father. He reportedly told his son as he undressed his daughter, “Look what a sister is.”

Facts that Attorney General Alexia Marquez has called “despicable”. “Despicable? I’d say rather than extravagant!” exclaimed the defendant’s lawyer, Jean-Michel Vernier, who began to draw his line of defence, based on contradictory statements and sometimes confused memories of the victim, defended by Emmanuel Haute.

Father denies everything. “I’m amazed,” says this retired math teacher. These accusations are a figment of my daughter’s imagination. I think she is upset. The only time I touched her was when I taught her to swim. The man, who appeared free at the hearing, now lives isolated from his family in the southwest. Accused of incest, acts of torture, brutality and sexual abuse of a minor, he faces life imprisonment.

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