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Au Bonheur des Mômes . Festivalissue

A special moment of intergenerational transmission and exchange, the event, which was organized in Haute-Savoie, gives a privileged place to grandparents who come to accompany the young.

the festival To the delight of children “from Grand-Bornand It will celebrate its 30th anniversary from August 21-26. Partner in the event that combines environment, culture and civic engagement, Release Articles, interviews and opinion pieces will be published throughout the summer on the main themes of the Savoyard event.

More than relay practices to care for their grandchildren, grandparents are educators with little touches, available transmitters of culture other than the parents. It is still necessary to find a program that can seduce young and old. The Au bonheur des mômes festival, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year in Grand-Bornand (Haute-Savoie), is one such prized place passed down through generations.

First of all, there is a clear calendar: scheduled for the end of August during the week before the beginning of the school year, as the event envisions “For all children, from 0 to … without age” It offers the last stretch of freedom before going back to school, while parents often have to go back to work.

There is above all a diverse artistic proposal based on the interaction – between the audience and the artists, as well as the interaction of the audience among themselves. a “A moment to live together”, World Health Organization It invites storytelling and laughter. in which “Grandparents come too, because there are always two or three levels of reading in the show,” Alain Benzoni, better known as Pinzo, founder and co-director of Bonheur des mômes notes: “This generation of baby boomers, who were not born with TV and the Internet, have messages to pass on to today’s children about tolerance, living together, the importance of avoiding extremism, the fact that money is only a means, not an end in life, and it is important that we go to the show together So we can then talk about it, and explain what we’ve seen,” The artist emphasizes, at the head of the company Théâtre de la Toupine.

The“Festival Experience”, to her “exceptional dimension”, Thus it can form a convenient framework for this transmission, as the sociologist Aurélien Djakouane sees. “During the festival, we will not only watch a show, but live in an atmosphere: this feeling that we are part of a whole, and perhaps this is what sets the child apart and builds his future appetite., This specialist explains cultural practices. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is of a different nature from that of parents, there is a less obligatory, softer but sometimes more permanent, influence of the order of inheritance. In order for the Bonheur des mumes to be a good factory of shared memories, its troupes pay special attention to welcoming the generation who discovered the “symbols” of the festival late in life.

Granted, today’s grandparents are in better shape than yesterday’s, and have the time and purchasing power, but It can also be stressful to take your grandchildren to an event. Isabel Butchat Cotillo, director of the Tourist Office of Grand-Bornand and co-director of the festival, watches. “So we have to reassure them, that it is easy for them, She explained. This means time and a strong presence of volunteers who will guide people as soon as they arrive, explain the system if you lose a child, how to walk between different places or make sure everyone is stable during performances.” Parallel to the technical proposals, the elderly can also benefit from an entertainment offer “My world, resonates with their childhood” About reading, music and wooden games.

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