And if you’re in the summer, giving your hair a little lighter volume with a butterfly cut?

Whether in the fields of fashion or beauty, the butterfly will surely take an aesthetic journey in 2022. Recently, a haircut was created in honor of the insect, inspired by a style we know well: the mule. decoding.

If the short square begins to make a name for itself again in the field of beauty, it is a completely different haircut, More massive and voluminous Who steals the show: Butterfly cut.

What is the butterfly haircut?

Inspired by the cut of the mullet, which can be polarizing, it is back in a version Longer and less divisive To please as many people as possible. The idea? To deliver a ’90s touch to our lengths while giving them movement.

“It’s also perfect for anyone who wants their hair to look thicker and fuller without losing its length.”Celebrity hairstylist Jay Birmingham says: UK charm.

Ok but what do we ask our hairdresser to cut the butterfly?

If the term Butterfly cut » Or the butterfly haircut is still unknown, you can still ask your hairdresser for this haircut, indicating that you want to adopt it. Included on several levels. This can start at the tip of the nose or chin depending on your desires and Stretch to your lengths While avoiding the rattail effect (unless this is the effect you want). Styling-wise, ask for an external comb that can highlight the gradient and fix everything with hairspray.

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Does the butterfly remind you of another haircut?

If this haircut reminds you of something, it’s normal! In addition to being inspired by the mullet cut, it is A modern version of Rachel Cut. You know, the haircut that Jennifer Aniston wore on the show. friends. Gradients on several levels, volume, movement, lightness … there is everything! And Jay Birmingham wouldn’t say otherwise. British Glamor tells:

“It’s an updated version of the classic ‘The Rachel’ style from Friends and the classic ’90s layered look we all love again.”

This haircut is inspiring and you want to show an image that can put your hair stylist in the way? Here are some things that may be useful to you…

Our Butterfly Cut Inspiration

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