6 colors that will make the year

To anyone who never had the guts to go for a chocolate brunette, pink, or platinum blonde, it’s now or not. 2022 is the year of illico presto hair renewal. We no longer have any excuse not to seduce them all The latest hair trends. No more beauty shit we gave ourselves in confinement. No more winter gla-gla and hair in beanies that don’t make you want to put in pretty efforts. It’s July, it’s summer, and it’s time for an amazing capillary upgrade. Here’s a palette of hair colors, from the most natural to the most complex, to test this year to be on the cutting edge of the trend.

Hair Color Trends 2022: The Glow

Hair glow is the hottest hair trend. Do you see that blond effect from the sun, as if we went to the beaches of Brazil? in millet. Also known as Holiday glow For a guaranteed “return from vacation” effect, we make a very gentle hair change that will polish our base and give it more comfort and structure. Model Sara Sampaio or influencer Sincerely Jules has already been adopted. The technique is very simple: a hairdresser lightens you a degree or two compared to your natural hair base. Coloring is applied from root to tip to generate this ray of sunshine effect and the whole show is in lightness..

Trendy hair color 2022: Lou Moussa

We’ve necessarily heard it at least once: but are you brunette or blonde? Be honest and feel free to answer in one mold: I am blond. Luckily, mouse hair Not only does it promote your actor, it will also make you highly desirable. Hailey Bieber is the one who literally shocked us by showing off her erroneously neglected blonde mane and mid-shoulder cut on Instagram. It looks like she got back from an intense tanning session when she saw her look enhanced with well-drained mousse hair. With the mouse, we deceive the eye, we play on the light, we are a real sunbather. the secret ? Play on a shade lighter on lengths and darker on the base for a stunning effect.

Brown woman

Going from blonde to brown all of a sudden without warning, what a boldness! Karlie Kloss did it last winter after nearly a decade of blonde hair. A stunning and very successful drastic change, she is now a brunette boss with bright and shiny chocolate tones. Summer or winter, this coloring full brown It warms the skin and brightens us. On a brown base, it would be easier to adopt a brunette as it is a matter of erasing the dull side of the hair and playing with reflections to create more volume and structure. Tom Smith at Elle explains it meticulously: “It’s all about reflections and dimension,” i.e. the right balance between darker and lighter shade to play with color and create a sexy but above all harmonious mane.

hair carving

Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa pose on the nets with two colorful locks: for the chic term, it’s “evil hair.” The hottest girls in fashion have resurrected this ’90s trend that’s still at the helm of the most pimping business in 2022. But there’s a whole new trend that’s about to get rid of rogue hair, it’s hair carving Less contrast and more symmetry of the face. With hair contour, dull hair is definitely gone. This trend gives us real architecture in the face. So every face has its own hair contour! For a round face, we recommend lighter shades near the face and darker along the back. It is advisable to play on the angular parts of a square face and mix light and dark. Almost everything is allowed for oval faces, one password: let yourself be pampered!

70s blonde

The blonde is at the height of its glory, so give it a try. But be careful not just any. Come out platinum or yellowish blond, we go to blond baby or blonde seventies. To smooth facial lines, we love this blonde that goes perfectly with long hair like Gigi Hadid. We draw on memories of our hair influencers Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer already wearing this amazing color and update it for 2022. Also called true blonde, it’s perfect for making our skin pink and awakening our hazel eyes. Blue or gray that will become completely irresistible to knock hearts!! In the summer, the sun seems to have passed there and this winter, it will bring a touch of light that will surely benefit you.


While Barbie is experiencing an amazing revival in society since the announcement of the American movie Barbie with lead actress Margot Robbie, the fields of fashion and beauty have not been left out. Lately, Barbie has been eyeing us and we’ve begun to imitate the feminine and full-blown pink looks that have made her so successful. We’ve all seen Hailey Bieber wear a pink Versace mini dress on Instagram, and she, in turn, challenges the look of this perfect doll. pink neon It is the color of fashion and beauty that is driving us crazy right now. And the hair madness never ends. In wicks you dare but not too much, or in the full coloration of the most daring of us, we’ll look like Barbie all the way up to the man, for sure.

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