13 hairstyle ideas to achieve on wet hair

In the summer, we often end up with wet hair and we don’t necessarily want to leave it loose and/or set in our eyes. After swimming, when getting out of the shower, after a gym session…Few ideas for your hairstyles on wet hair this summer? The editorial team shares their favorite 13 photos.

Wet Hairstyles: Our Favorites

Ready to try out these hairstyles and Gives you a real Nyyad look out of the water ?

1 – Dancer Cake

2 – mini cakes

3 – high braid

4 – Adhesive Braids and Ponytails

5 – Background processing

6 – double twist

7 – Pinup Style With Headband

8 – High quilt and 4 sprig braid

9- Parting in the middle and attached to the sides

10- Pimple effect

11 – Magic Effect

12 – Pointed effect, vintage style

13 – Double Low Bun

How do you take care of your hair in the summer?

In the summer period, it is Essential for your hair care. Chlorine, salt, and ultraviolet rays cause severe damage to the hair fiber. Without a proper routine, you take a risk Find yourself with hay to start the school year in September ! thus :

  • It is advisable to adopt the so-called “preventive hairstyles”. Especially when leaving the water while waiting to be able to shower and wash it properly. Be careful not to over-tighten it, you risk blocking microcirculation in the scalp. Also, feel free to Use accessories like a scarf. At night, it is best to leave your hair down.
  • Systematically take care after sun exposure. Some of them are in traditional trade, but you can also make them at home. This kind of care is Ultra moisturizing and restorative. It contains all the nutrients your hair needs to avoid exposure to the sun, chlorine or salt.
  • Use masks at least once a week. Leave it on overnight, and wrap your hair in a silk or cotton scarf. It is better to use a mild shampoo And as natural as possible. You can continue to Use your regular detangling tool to facilitate combing.
  • Avoid hair dryers and other heating appliances as much as possible. Leave it to dry in the open air and avoid making highlights and/or colors during the summer. this process Attacks and weakens hair. It already has enough to run during the summer period without adding another layer. Instead of that Appointment at the salon for the beginning of the school year September.

By following these few tips, you are sure to keep your hair full of vitality, luster and health. Note that You can also achieve the wet look with mousse, cream, wax, or gel. Any other hairstyle ideas on wet hair to share? We talk about it on our forums.

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