12 stars who responded best to ‘body mutilation’

Since they live their lives in the public eye, celebrities are often unfairly criticized for their body. So much so that some have become experts at how to respond to these troll from the web!

Behind the consoles, these little guys suddenly have the courage to tell these stars what they can’t tell them in person. Comments on weight, complexion, style, anything goes! Fortunately, some stars said “enough is enough,” and responded to these ill-intentioned people.

Here are the top 12 responses from stars who have fallen victim to comments about their bodies:

1. Camila Cabello

The singer is often the victim of derogatory comments about her body when she is photographed undressing. In 2021, Camila had to turn to social networks to get her message across after a jogging session in a T-shirt.

“I’ve been running in the park, thinking about my own business, trying to keep in shape. I’m wearing a crop top that shows my belly,” she said in her video titled “I Love My Body” (“I love my body”).

Then I remembered that the war with your body was over. I am grateful to my body for allowing me to do what I need. We real women have curves, cellulite, and greasy stretch marks, and we should celebrate that.”

2. Selena Gomez

Just like Camila, Selena is also a target of online trolls. On TikTok, the singer and actress sent a clear message:

“[…]Honestly, I don’t care about my weight because people talk about it anyway: You’re too skinny, you’re too fat, it just doesn’t fit you, meh meh meh meh. “Bitch, I’m perfect just the way I am. The point of the story? Bye”


3. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has claimed that she wears plus size clothes to avoid comments about her body. She even created a video titled Not My Responsibility in which she claims that other people’s opinion of her body is not her responsibility.

Despite this, she often has to stress the internet that it makes her very uncomfortable, especially in 2020 after being photographed in Los Angeles in a more fitting than usual beige ensemble.

4. Addison Ray

The influencer has had enough in 2020 when she noticed more and more comments about her looks.

“Saw 5-10 Tweets and TikToks today that talked about my body and weight in a negative way. It makes me insecure, but fortunately I see it another way. I am so excited to eat better and train to be the best version of myself!”

“It definitely hurts to see people calling me a ‘whale’ and saying ‘she’s fat now,’ and I just want to encourage anyone who hears this kind of thing about them, I love you! If you’re happy and healthy, don’t listen to those mean comments, you’re perfect” .

The message is clear!

5. Charlie D’Amelio

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The young woman admitted that she suffered from an eating disorder and comments on social networks do not help.

In 2020, Charli D’Amelio said on Twitter: “Stop talking about my body! You don’t have to tell me if I’m gaining or losing weight.”

She continued her message, “Let’s all be respectful and understand that we should be kind and encourage people instead of trying to break them. I’ve watched videos of me and my friends being made by strangers, but no matter who you do it’s never true, I love you all, but stop !

6. Nicola Coughlan

a star Bridgeton She took to Instagram in January 2022 to beg her followers to stop talking about her body.

“Just one thing – if you have an opinion about my body, don’t share it with me. Most people are nice and don’t try to offend me, but I’m only human and it’s really hard to bear the weight of thousands of opinions about my appearance every day.”

Prior to this, she had received a derogatory comment on Twitter from someone who found her outfit at the Golden Globes not to her liking. “BBW to Bridgerton wears cardigan to the Golden Globes…”.

Nicola simply replied, “I thought my cardigan was so chic, Molly Goddard uses it in her shows with dresses and that’s where the idea came to me too, I have a name.”

7. Demi Lovato

Demi has always been very honest about her issues with eating disorders. In 2021, they wanted to send an important message on Instagram.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but praising someone for losing weight can be as harmful as commenting about weight gain when talking to someone recovering from an eating disorder.” this is exactly right!

8. Lili Reinhart

Body image has always been a sensitive topic for the actress and only got worse after the massive success of hers Riverdale. In 2018, Lily had to respond to pregnancy rumors after photos of her appeared on the Internet.

“It’s a shame that an ugly picture of a belly is circulating on the internet, and because of that hundreds of people think I’m pregnant,” she wrote on Instagram. “No, I’m not pregnant. My body is something I will never apologize for. My body will change all the time. Yours too. And that’s fine. So let’s stop putting so much time and effort into worrying about a stranger’s body.”

9. Sarah Hyland

In 2017, a star modern family She received many messages saying she was too skinny, so she decided to share her story.

And the young woman explained in a long message on Twitter that she suffers from kidney disease and that she is currently bedridden. Because of this, they cannot be active and lose muscle mass. A reminder that you never know why someone is losing weight!

10. Lizo

The singer shared on TikTok a video of a family whose sons received the following comment: “Your son really needs to at least exercise or he’s going to be the next Lizzo,” which the father and sons cheered happily!

Lizzo responded by nodding the fact that this supposed insult was actually a compliment. “Oh, do you mean he’d be the next to sign a contract worth millions, appear on Vogue, win three Grammys and be an icon, actress, and activist with a perfect ass?”

11. Zendaya

The actress was the victim of ignorant comments during her 2015 Academy Award appearance. As Zendaya strutted down the red carpet in a stunning dress, host Gianna Rancic saw fit to comment on Zendaya’s hairstyle to create a look that smelled like “patchouli and marijuana oil.”

France Press agency

Zendaya took to Twitter to respond calmly and intelligently to this.

She noted that the comment was racist and full of stereotypes harmful to the black community. “There is enough criticism of African American hair in society without the help of ignorant people who judge others based on their curls.”

12. Gigi Hadid

The model has had enough people commenting on the fluctuations in her weight. She took to Twitter to share that she suffers from a rare medical condition, Hashimoto’s disease. This affects the functioning of the thyroid gland and symptoms may include muscle aches, fatigue, and weight changes.

“For those stubbornly trying to find reasons for the changes in my weight over the years, you might not know that when I started my career at 17, I had yet to be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Those who described me as too fat for the industry, were you You see inflammation and water retention because of that.”

Since then, Gigi has publicly stated that she loves her body before, during, and after her diagnosis, despite the subtle changes.

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