What we know about the double murders at Boyastruk

A man and a woman were found dead on Monday at the end of the day in a village near Tarbes, in Boyastruk. The prosecution quickly confirmed that they had been shot. Both are teachers at Desaix College. He was 55, and she was 32. The Prosecutor of Tarbes, Pierre Aurignac, explains that Favorite path is relationship between the two victims. This is a double murder. The investigation is being conducted by the Gendarmerie High Group in the Pyrenees, the Tarbes Research Brigade and the Toulouse Research Division.

The bodies were naked when help arrived.

We know that Both victims were discovered naked. The man was dead in his home. The woman died of her injuries on a dirt road leading to the ward. Both were shot dead. The shooter is the former companion of the young woman. He went to Pouyastruc on a motorcycle. He entered the house in which the lovers were. He went to the bathroom, where the man was killed.

The young woman was going to try to escape but he would have followed her Abroad. In Boyastruk, some say neighbors heard her asking for help. But her ex-boyfriend pulled her hair, knocked her to the ground, and shot her. Autopsies must now be performed, and they are being performed in Toulouse.

Jealousy is the motive?

The Tarbes Public Prosecutor’s Office retained the capacity to double-assassinate. This indicates that the owner of the footage had premeditated his act. Perhaps out of jealousy. This is what needs to be clarified. O’Reilly, 32, was a French teacher in Tarbes, and the mother of two children, ages 2 and 5. The other victim, Gabriel, a 55-year-old PE teacher, was very popular on Pouyastruc. Both were fellows at Desaix College in Tarbes.

Important search device

According to our information, the search continues to locate and find the footage. This person had fled when investigators arrived at the scene of the tragedy. Lead is not excluded. The Department of Hautes-Pyrénées is torn apart, and the neighboring counties as well. It is not excluded that the fugitive shooter crossed the border to Spain. On Monday evening, the Sparrowhawk plan was launched, a helicopter and about sixty men mobilized. They are part of the observation and intervention platoon of the gendarmerie, reinforcements from Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Lourdes and Tarbes.

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