This is the common mistake people make when drying their hair according to the hairdresser

Although we can all do whatever we want, there is a perfect way to dry your hair to keep it healthy. Except that according to hairdressers, we are still many to clumsily use a hair dryer.

Whether it’s to shape a curtain fringe, straighten hair or just blow dry it… the dryer is an essential part of our hair routine. Unfortunately, it is also often Responsible for dryness and breakage. It is, however, the observation of the famous hairdresser Michael Van Clark who had to do so many times, She cares about repairing her clients’ hair. Explain to the magazine UK charm What is the most common mistake that prompts his clients to consult with him:

“One client with great thick, medium length hair struggled with front sections always breaking and splitting. It doesn’t make sense to me. Her wavy hair grows well, but the front sections were constantly breaking.

One day, she came and asked for a large round styling brush, saying that her styling brush only lasted 4-5 months before it wore out and needed to be replaced. I found this strange because my work lasts for 20 years with daily professional use, so I asked him to bring it for me to see.

I saw that the large round brush became a medium round brush because it melted the tough nylon bristles to half their length. The hair dryer was too hot causing it to get very dry. If your hairbrush melts, what do you think is happening to your hair? »

you would understand that, Using a hair dryer that is too hot, too close and for a long time (especially when adding a capacitor tip) It damages the hair fiber. The worst, according to Michael Van Clark, is applying the volumizer tip directly to the hair for best results.

But how do you avoid this problem? Well, according to the hairdresser, the solution is much simpler than you think. would be enough to Discard the tip of the stick and keep a safe distance of about 2-3 centimeters between the hair dryer and the wick.

It is also recommended if heat styling can be used less frequently and try Let them air dry at least once a week.

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Hair dryer too hot = scalp damage

Hair is not only damaged when an extremely hot hair dryer approaches it. The scalp also suffers because as we often explain to you, it is skin with a hydrolipidic membrane covering it. This natural protection is very sensitive to heat It may be less effective when damaged. Of course, high temperatures are not the only ones that are detrimental to it, but this factor is one of the most determining factors for the health of the scalp, and a part of the body is often set aside … Now you know.

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