“There were bullet holes everywhere” – Liberation

The village of Boyastruk, which witnessed the killing of two teachers on Monday, is in shock. The suspect is still wanted.

Pouyastruc is a village in the foothills of the Pyrenees. 700 residents, primary school, church and town hall, a funny name that makes passing tourists smile on their way to Lourdes or the mountains. Near the village exit there is a small road of stone and dirt lined with trees and flowers and through which you can see a green valley. At the end of the road, on the right, is a beautiful wooden house that contrasts with the pebble and plaster walls typical of Begur villages. Bright red plastic tabs seal garage door, windows and front door. In the latter, a form was filled out by hand in a hurry. Nature of the crime: premeditated murder. Only then do we notice that ten meters away, in the middle of the road, the pebbles are red with dry blood.

“We don’t understand”

It’s Aurélie P., 32, teacher of French at Desaix College in Tarbes. On the evening of Monday, July 4, she was murdered along with her colleague, Gabriel F. , 55 years old, physical education teacher in the same institution, to which belongs the wooden house that became a crime scene. According to a source close to the investigation, the origin of the double crime is the rivalry for love. After his divorce, Gabriel maintained a good relationship with his ex-wife. O’Reilly was going through a divorce. Her husband did not accept her. According to Michael Bilhas, Mayor of Boyastruk, he would be the suspect.

“We don’t understand” He said in an episode, in unison with the villagers. His testimony is chilling. The job requires that the gendarmes accompany the house search. Inside, there is no trace of conflict. “Shoot them in cold blood,” repeats. In the bathroom is the corpse of Gabriel. “There were bullet holes everywhere.” According to the testimonies of neighbors reported by Michelle Belhas, O’Reilly would have tried to escape and seek help. The killer follows her outside. “He puts her on the floor by her hair and there gunshots…” He finished his sentence by waving his hand. O’Reilly died in the ambulance, Gabriel on the spot. She has two children, ages 2 and 5. He had two daughters in their twenties.

About sixty gendarmes were mobilized

As of Tuesday evening, the suspect was still at large. A large police force was deployed to find him: Epervier’s plan was immediately launched, a helicopter and roadblocks were mobilized. The research team in Tarbes and the research department in Toulouse were commissioned to investigate. In total, about sixty gendarmes were mobilized, according to a source from the gendarmerie told AFP.

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