She Spent 4 Years in Captivity: The harrowing story of the young woman who was kidnapped by her ex-mother-in-law in San Rafael

Despite her slightly lost appearance, her eyes often blurred, Céline (1) takes a resolute stride into the Var Assize Court bar.

Following the apology of Mary Ann Colangelo (2) – that interested principal “do not accept” The young woman came to tell her story. A nightmare that lasted several years and ended in the lobby of a luxury villa in San Rafael (Read our previous editions).

“I lost ten years of my life”

“I’ve lost ten years of my life, Breathe in the preamble. Today, I can’t meet, trust, or work with anyone.” Celine, who is placed under enhanced guardianship, needs support.

Life turned upside down, he was an orphan at the age of eight Put it out [sa] The godmother after the death of my godfather And her meeting with R., the son of Mary Ann, did not “another option” from going to live with his mother-in-law. We are in 2009 and Celine is 21 years old.

“At first, I was well received, Celine continues. An error occurred when I downloaded. An unwanted pregnancy, neither by the father nor by the mother, and caused their separation, Fear of ignorance [s]care regarding [son] past”And the ‘Threats too’The fist sharpens its claws.

“She made me look uneasy. She told me that if I wanted to protect my unborn son, she could take care of him. I was scared. I was alone.”

Psychologically fragile, the young woman accepts the unthinkable. “I considered myself the surrogate mother of my child.” Mary Ann Colangelo even intervenes “cut the umbilical cord” At birth. Then start the adoption process even if it means lying to the authorities. The pensioner would go so far as to say that the child had a fatal illness. But also that his mother never wanted to see him. Surreal allegations did not inform the judicial administration …

In the secret of the house, Celine is trapped. “I have endured a lot of things to see my son grow up…” However, the young mother does not have “The right to look at him, talk to him and touch him.” “When he came towards me, I had to step aside.”

Over time, the young woman loses her freedom. No more work, no more credit cards, no more phone. The right to go out was no longer … And then, at the end of 2014, Celine approached E. “Nephew of Mary Ange”. “I came across a letter I had written to her, and it just got out of hand.” why? “Because it’s not good to meet one of your ex-relatives.” Presents the companion of the accused in all seriousness.

Meals and showers on time

Hell begins for Celine. “I had to stay upstairs without making a sound. You can’t sneeze or move on the seat because it’s creaking.” Taking her only meal of the day has a fixed timing, as well as the rare showers she is entitled to.

“I didn’t say anything because I was afraid, afraid I wouldn’t see my baby anymore. Or that I’d end up buried alive in the garden while she was telling me.” The situation is getting worse. Her hair falls out due to poor hygiene and is shaved. The savage keeps her clothes “several months in a row”Sanitary pads are not allowed. “I bathed in my own sweat and blood…”

Despite watching the cameras and the sons of her jailer, Celine fled one evening in November 2019, taking advantage of the owner’s absence. “I’ve never been kidnapped, He gets close friends with Mary Ann Colangelo. The doors were open.” However, Celine had escaped through a window upstairs.

1. The first name has been changed.

2. Not Marie-Ange, as I wrote by mistake yesterday.

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