Near Fleers, who has been tried for domestic violence, also claims to be a victim

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Three months suspended Violence against his girlfriendThis is the ruling handed down this Tuesday, June 28 by the Argentine Criminal Court. This 36-year-old resident of Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers (Orne) realizes only part of the facts and invokes common mistakes, because he was also a victim of violence by his partner.

pulling her by the hair

On February 12 at 8:45 p.m., A woman crying Report to the police station flers She condemns the violence that she would have been a victim of on the part of her companion.

She tells that when he got back from work, around 7:30 p.m., he was drinking whiskey. She thought soThanks to her alcohol.

Then he would grab her, before giving her a brush, and throw her on the floor. He allegedly grabbed her by the hair to lure her into the bathroom, where he pressed his knee to her neck before carrying her andWe leaned his arm to strangle him.

malicious phone calls

She would have been able to get rid of him by punching him in the stomach. He allegedly chased her into the kitchen, where he grabbed a knife and pointed her at her, saying:

Give me back the money I gave you or I will kill you and your family.


She would have succeeded in escaping to find refuge in the gendarme of Fleers. She adds that the violence between them is not new, but it is “the first time that violence has been severely practiced.”

It also specifies that it is possible to provide marks, because defended herselfShe even broke three nails.

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On February 14, she will again go to the gendarmerie to denounce the malicious phone calls in which he may threaten her.

Today, the 36-year-old explains that his partner arrived when he had just poured himself a glass of whiskey. She was going to push him and they were both falling.

“It’s hard to believe your explanations when you see the pictures attached to the file,” the president continues.

I can’t explain, I admit I pressed his neck and that’s it. She has already made marks on herself.


He invokes common mistakes, because he would also have been a victim of violence. It also provides a medical certificate indicating several cases of flake off with one-day temporary interruption of work (ITT).

However, the testimonies will confirm the statements of the complainant, neighbors and even relatives, but he will maintain his position, asserting that they are lies.

The prosecutor emphasizes a discourse that is heard over and over in the context of domestic violence.

The facts materialize and require a six-month prison sentence accompanied by a two-year suspension of probation with care obligations, to continue care under the CPCA Centers, to make payments to the public treasury, and to prohibit attendance at and dealing with the victim’s home.

Feeling of injustice

As for the defense, “the victim is not the white dove it claims to be.” He states that his client has never been convicted, and considers the prosecutor’s requests to be disproportionate.

He read several statements that highlighted the violence of this woman and the pressure she exerted on her client. And there is, he said, doubt and states that doubt should benefit the accused. His client today feels wronged.

He will finally be sentenced to three months in prison with little respite with the obligation to implement, at his own expense, the accountability cycle to prevent and combat spousal violence and sexual discrimination in a six-month period.

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