How to adopt cut ball?

The shag It is one of those timeless hairstyles. From Sharon Stone to Charlize Theron to Anne Hathaway, this short story has worn the biggest stars. How do you adopt it yourself? Follow our guide, with advice from Gianni Cuba, from R’Factory in Paris.

What is cut ball?

“it’s a short hair or one short square who will get FromRounded notes, to get a kind of ball. The hair is cut systematically inFromabove Froms shoulders, rather than flush From Implantation,” the expert explains.

This hair trend was popular before Victoria Beckham, before it was taken up by many celebrities. We think especially of Robin Wright, or even Zendaya, who traded her curly lengths for Highlighting the blonde bob cut At the 2016 Grammy Awards, a bold makeover suited her perfectly!

Ball Cup: Who is it for?

Before surrendering to the bowl piece, you must know who it really is.

  • What type of hair to cut a bob?

The advantage of the ball cutting is that it adapts to all types of hair. Whether it is thick, curly or curly, you can easily adopt this couch . direction. Besides, if you have Soft hair without volumeThis cut will look great on you because it will give the illusion of mass for your mane.

Be careful, if you have a file Thick hairit will be necessary to take care of its deterioration well to avoid the impact of the helmet.

If you have Curly hair, choose instead a short gradient square. The curls will actually rise, so it’s best to avoid a very short cut to get that round and voluminous look.

  • Bubble cut, for what face shape?

Gianni Cuba recommends cutting the ball to long faces or for oval faces. “I will bring From sweetness and From Rounding in the face,” he declares. Before adding: “If we have square faceYou’ll have to make sure you leave the front locks on longer and sink in a bit.”

Triangular or diamond faces should be careful to add volume in the right place: at the top for a triangular face And down to one diamond face.

If you have round faceYou can also opt for this cut, but we’d like to warn you, it may accentuate the width of your face. So it is not the perfect cut for this face shape.

How do you design a cut ball?

The bob cut can be worn in different ways, according to the specialist: “This cut has become very fashionable again. To update it, you can dress the face with long bangs, From side to sublimation Cutse or with buckle From quoted, FromBehind the ear for an elegant, charming effect.

However, be sure to ask your hairdresser a deteriorating ball cut or tapered, to avoid an overly strict and regulated effect. This will bring lightness to your mane.

“We can also use different types of hairstyles, to change styles,” Gianni Copa identifies. You can thus bet on the ripples, to create a file curly hair. Or, conversely, in a wet look, by flattening your hair again with gel. Otherwise, brushing your teeth will heat up your skin. The advantage of this trendy story is that it can track your daily mood and desires!

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