Disaster for Amandine Petty, forced to cut her hair after an audition

Like every summer, one of the leading programs of France 2 returned to the TV channel. We’re talking about it of course Boyar Castle Celebrities pay to outdo themselves. The goal of the program? Faced with their greatest fears (spiders, void, water…), the Fort Boyard co-stars are invited to give everything they have to win the events. For each test performed, they are assigned a key. As the offer progresses, the more keys the candidates collect, the easier it will be for them to earn as much money as possible forassociation Come for support.

This Saturday, July 9, they are Elodie Gossuin, Bruno Guillon, Cécile Djunga, Emilie Broussouloux, Ugo de Koh-Lanta and small amandine Who will participate in the game? After the shoot had already taken place, the former Miss France was able to trust Télé-Loisirs about this unique experience, especially with regard to the audition that marked her so much.

Miss France had to cut her hair when she came back to the hotel

One of the scariest tests by candidates? That spider! Amandine Petty was no exception. “We put on a full suit, then walk into a dungeon full of glue. The goal: to throw the balls into the basket”I explained to Télé-Loisirs. “It’s an impossible mission, but what did we laugh about! I lost my shoes, stuck to the ground for at least ten minutes. In short, I had them all over the place.”

And although the 24-year-old’s hair was protected by the covered suit provided by the program, Amandine Petty’s hair still remembers the ordeal. Miss France’s beautiful blonde hair didn’t necessarily appreciate the glue bath. “When I got back to the hotel, I even had to cut a lock of my hair”Amandine Petty admitted that she was not ready to forget her visit to Fort Boyard. Because the spider’s plight wasn’t the only one that marked her. She was also entitled to a void. A test she did not pass last year during her previous visit.

Amandine Petty’s worst phobia

“This year, I prayed that the host, Olivier Maine, would not appoint me again. But something told me that he would not hesitate! And indeed, I was right … the production dared to confront me again with the worst phobia (…). But this time it showed so much out of courage and already jumped” explained.

However, she remains Miss France 2021 good memories From his second visit to Fort Boyard. Came to defend the organizationUNICEFAmandine Petit keeps only the best. “This program conveys beautiful values ​​that are so dear to me. So, yes, we are afraid, but we also have fun!”, Tell Amandine Petty.

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