Woman sentenced for threatening letters to ex-husband

The charges against 39-year-old Morencois are simple: since November 2021, she has sent more than a hundred threatening letters and several death threats against her ex-husband and the lawyer who represents him.

The third stage of grief: anger

Before the three judges, the young woman expresses herself with a certain fever. She denounces Gray Marriages and undoes all of her resentment over cheating on her ex-husband, who just so happens to be her first cousin. The couple has been married and separated twice (currently in the process of divorce), have three children in between and a domestic violence complaint. The ex-husband was sentenced to eight months in prison for these facts.

The court met not to talk about her stormy divorce apparently the president is cutting it off, but to talk about death threats, which she struggles to admit. “Do you realize that the person receiving this might be afraid of you?” The judge’s speeches.

The young woman could barely hide her nervous smile behind a long lock of brown hair. “Yeah, but that’s because I’ve been having anxiety attacks. I would never have done that, he’s the one who made me like this, using me like a mop,” she says, about to cry.

Manipulation and revenge

To the prosecutor, it seems quite clear that the defendant did not grieve over her relationship. “She seeks intimidation and harm because she has been harmed in the past. A court psychiatric examination does indeed reveal that a young woman is responsible for her actions but that she has personality disorders.

The “manipulator”, who is seeking revenge for the conflict in which she found herself, does not separate her anger towards her ex-husband from her lawyer “who is only doing her part,” as the prosecution denounced. The lawyer had to be escorted by her colleagues outside of her work, for fear of meeting an angry defendant, fearing that one day or another she would carry out her threats. “Women can also lose their foothold, and go overboard,” pleads his lead attorney, Mehdi Akrom. This violence expressed in the letters is actually directed against herself, alluding to her remorse for being deceived twice by her ex-husband, her family.

At the time of the events, the Mourenxoise family was not following any medical treatment. Since then, she has been followed up by health professionals and has a duty to take care of herself to try to “open out and not stay in a bubble” of negativity.

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