Why do we adopt the long gradient square in the summer of 2022? 20 ways to wear it that prove it’s the best ever!

It’s July already, it’s festive season and the good mood is still on the rise. If you are like everyone else, or almost, you are probably already planning what to put in the bag to feel comfortable and at the same time have beautiful photos to post without hesitation on social networks? A few baggy summer dresses and a classy pair of sandals are a must-have, right? But what about the rest of our summer 2022 appearances? Have you recently updated your hairstyle? How about a long gradient square according to the latest trends of the current season?

Cut a long square, who is this for?

Before hitting our gallery of inspiring, even breathtaking images, we can’t wait to share a secret with you… The long bob is a haircut that goes well with any face shape! So you can’t go wrong with choosing this beautiful hair option which is very popular right now. Even better, just like the dyed hair contouring technique, the long layered bob is more flattering due to the smoothness of its contours around the face!

The idea of ​​a long tapered decadent square with long bangs on the side parted

Well, your hair should reach at least to your shoulders so that we can achieve a good “lob” (long + bob). However, even if this is not your case, you should not worry too much, because the ideas suggested below can successfully adapt to several lengths and types of hair, even curly hair. By the way, this medium length is perfect for the hot summer when you don’t want to sweat your back, but you don’t want to shorten your skin either.

The long tapered bob and its flattering sides 1001

The idea of ​​long tapered blonde wavy bob sweep trends summer 2022

As for the color, we must admit that the long, tiered hue for summer 2022 looks exceptional in combination with blonde balayage. However, you can enjoy it flawlessly even if you are a natural brunette who is not meant to color her hair or want a nice copper hue to go with the fiery days. In short, a long tapered and layered bob for everyone!

Long tapered decadent bangs with long bangs for dark hair brunettes

Have you noticed that hairstyles with bangs are very popular lately? Fortunately, the layered lobe lends itself to such a charming and fashionable makeover, if that is your choice. With or without bangs, to keep your cut look flawless all season long, don’t forget to protect your hair from the effects of UV rays, salt in the sea and chlorine in the pool.

What is the long gradient bob for summer 2022?

A short, medium length tapered square with a golden blonde color sweeping over

A tapered lob decorated with a beautiful wavy brush for soft hair without volume

Long, tapered square cut for fine hair without trends, size 2022

The modern chic effect perfectly matches the casual character of the holidays

A decadent tapered blonde sweep a square cut on brown trends 2022

For more Hollywood glam, opt for the square pointed at the shoulders and the parting on the side

Long wavy side parting tapered ends

A chic idea for a long, decadent blonde square sweep on sleek hair according to the trends

Tapered Tapered Long Long Hair Trends of Straight Blond Balayage 2022

Even girls with curly hair can enjoy this timeless cut!

Distressed long square curly hair with bangs highlighting on chestnut

A combination of copper coloring and a wavy brush to give a flattering look to the long bob

Long tapered gradient trend box 2022 wavy brush stroke coloring

Long and tapered layered bob with bangs is another great choice for 2022

The idea of ​​a long tapered square cut with long chestnut hair bangs

Extra-long square sank in the front and extra-short in the back for a great dramatic effect

Extra short gradient tapered long square behind trendy blonde coloring

80’s-inspired hair in a lob version for modern brunettes

Tapered Bob With Bangs Faded Long Hair Wig 2022

Do you dare to design with a shaggy effect that catches all eyes on you?

How to wear the long asymmetric square hair color trend 2022

Make up the parting of your long, countersunk square to give it a modern asymmetric look

Long square wavy asymmetrical haircut trendy hairstyle 2022

Idea for decadent medium length curls and light blonde hair for the most daring girls

Degraded square shoulders choppy coloring blonde contouring

Zoom in on the extra-long square decorated with honey and delicate waves

Extra Long Square Gradient Blonde Sweep On Brunette Trends 2022

The same cut works great on the smooth hair of the Posh Spice style

Extra long tapered square cut gradient trends 2022 soft brown hair

So, what is your long gradient square for?

Polar blonde balayage on a brown box long wavy cut plunging

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