Unrecognizable Sebastien Chabal, the athlete shows himself without his beard (photos)

Sebastian Chabal taking care of his beard

Sebastien Chapelle has a great physique, long hair and a long beard. While he is a professional rugby player, he stands out on the court. In fact, Professional athletes accompanying him generally practice a small beard for a maximum of three days. Most hair is cut for obvious reasons. But the rugby player retains his signature haircut and beautiful beard.

Even better, he set out to create a line of skincare products. Proud of his creation, called Au poil, he spoke to Homme Urbain to talk about this surprising career choice:

I think I have some legitimacy in this area. I have been contacted by several brands that have launched products around the beard. Since I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I told myself I would do it myself“.

»I wanted products that were accessible to everyone, representative of me, easy to use, sold in supermarkets (…) My beauty secret is not to spend too much time in the bathroom. That’s why I made this simple range. I’m not trying to convert myself. I comb my beard every morning, like my hair ».

Sebastien Chabal without a beard … in an archive video

Don’t think that the now retired former professional player decided to get rid of his beard. However, he didn’t always have that long beard. There was a time when he had shorter hair and a little beard for two or three days, he was necessarily more secretive. You can find out in a video archive posted by INA.

Then we discover the three symbolic cuts of the rugby player. The first very short hair (just like a beard). Then, center with the hair and beard that has grown. And finally, the clip he practices when his career is at its peak.

He was, at the time, one of the most famous rugby players in France. That’s why, even today, when we think of him, we obviously think of his signature beard.

Celebrities are inseparable from physical privacy

Sebastien Chabal isn’t the only public person who’s associated, probably forever, with physical privacy. in the world of sports, It’s hard to forget the down-to-earth performances Cristiano Ronaldo gave his famous blonde locks. Some supporters are even convinced that they bring him luck. On the French side, Paul Pogba is known for his many original hairstyles. But he regrets that the media is talking more about his physical appearance than his performance on the field.

In the middle of the song, there are several stars who take advantage of certain tricks that are inseparable from their personality. Have you ever watched DJ Snake without his famous dark glasses? Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine puts his body covered in tattoos on stage whenever he can. For his part, Justin Bieber has for years been turned into a famous fuse. It’s hard to imagine finding a single photo of Serge Gainsbourg without a cigarette in your mouth.

Sebastien Chabal’s surprising challenge

Since his retirement, it seems Sebastien Chabal wants to touch everything up. Before launching his cosmetics brand in 2020, he embarked on a completely different adventure. Then, turning 40, he plans to become a vineyard. In 2017, he launched three types of coffee. In fact, one of them is called ” A little wine in the hair“.

Selling bottles is not a marketing act, and it is not a business process. She was engaged in harvesting, tasting and gathering. I really followed the whole process of making wine. I hope this story continues for a very long time ,” he explains in 2017 for La Provence.

I didn’t have any particular projects in wine, it was confrontations above all that started it all. Wine growers tempted me into this co-operative cellar. They have real cohesion, the ability to work in a team, with mutual assistance. Of course you touched me »

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