The new government: the sudden return of Marilyn Schiappa

Former Minister Delegate for Citizenship, Marlene Schiappa, will return to the second government of Elizabeth Bourne, on Monday, 4 July. Among the painful actions and controversy, three points about the person who tried to promote equality between women and men during Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term.

The results of the legislative elections were mixed and the executive branch did not obtain an absolute majority. So Elizabeth Bourne, prime minister since Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, has again formed the government. Marilyn Schiappa returned and was appointed Secretary of State responsible for the social and solidarity economy and union life. A chance to glimpse a strong personal career in Macron’s first five-year term.

Unknown person before 2017

Marilyn Schiappa first appeared in politics as a candidate in the municipal elections in Paris in the 14th arrondissement in 2001. It was an unsuccessful attempt. She then moved to Le Mans and ran in 2014 on the left-wing mayor’s list in the municipal elections. After the election, she was elected to the city council and became the deputy mayor, responsible for equality, anti-discrimination and the LGBT charter. In March 2016, she was appointed to the Cabinet of Lawrence Rossignol, Minister of Family, Children and Women’s Rights. Lots of roles that would make it an interesting option to work on gender equality in government afterwards.

Minister of State and then Deputy Minister

She was initially involved in Emmanuel Macron’s campaign in 2017, and was appointed to the government of Edouard Philippe, Minister of State for Equality between Women and Men. As of October 2017, it announced that it was preparing a bill that, among other things, would provide for verbalization of street harassment, extend the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors, and establish an age without which a child cannot be considered consenting to a relationship. nationality. The so-called “Schiappa Act” will be passed on August 3, 2018. He also proposed to extend the paternity leave that was extended on August 1, 2018.Verse July 2021 from 11 to 25 days.

On July 6, 2020, during the formation of the government of Jan Castex, she was appointed Minister Delegate for Citizenship, to the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin. During this term, Marilyn Schiappa proposed an anti-separatist project specifically targeting “political Islam”. It is presented to the parliament under the name “a draft law confirming the principles of the republic.” Due to the increase in sectarian deviations, she re-launched Miviludes, an organization whose purpose is to monitor and analyze them. Her ministry ends after Emmanuel Macron is re-elected in April 2022 as she is not reappointed to the government… before an unexpected return on Monday 4 July in the Born 2 government.

Media coverage and controversies

Marilyn Schiappa is a figure who occupied an important place in the French media world during the first five years of the President of the Republic. Moreover, according to a study conducted by Le Figaro and Politiquemedia, the political figure most invited to attend the morning shows between June and December 2020.

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Some of these interventions in both the media and social networks have been controversial. At the beginning of 2021, the Minister uploaded a video to her official Instagram account in which we see a woman waving her hair to promote the benefits of a Brazilian straightening performed by a Parisian hairdresser. Controversy swelled on Twitter: “Brazilian smoothing portal” launched and accused of promoting products. It is also known that she used consultants from her company to promote herself on the Internet. On February 9, 2022, Stopping Image journalist Pauline Bock reported that one of Marilyn Schiappa’s advisors, Yead Miraha, had written part of the Minister’s Wikipedia page for promotional purposes.

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