Shooting at a military parade on July 4 near Chicago, at least 6 dead and dozens injured

Gunfire broke out on Monday, July 4, in Highland Park, an affluent town north of Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, where a parade was held to mark the American Independence Day. The “Washington Post” and “The New York Times” quoted the authorities, at least 6 dead and dozens wounded. Area hospitals said they have received 31 patients so far, according to The Washington Post.

“As we gather to celebrate our freedom, we must mourn the tragic loss of life and overcome our own terror.”Mayor Nancy Rottering expressed regret during a press conference. “As of today, we know that at least six people have died.” And the “24 has been taken to the hospital”She added, calling on its citizens to stay “Attentive but calm”.

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Joe Biden, said to himself “shocked” from shooting. The President of the United States stressed that he wants to continue the fight against gun violence, in this country that is regularly under fire.

fugitive suspect

Police described the suspect as a white man between the ages of 18 and 20, a fugitive and ‘Armed and dangerous’. A weapon was found at the scene and authorities asked residents to send their photos and videos to find the shooter. Local police spokesman Chris Coveley said the man fired from a rooftop.

The suspect has not been identified. she has “Long black hair and a white or blue shirt”Chris O’Neill said.

‘We’re helping Highland Park Police after the parade route shooting’The Lake County Police Department tweeted. “July 4th Party Canceled, Please Avoid Downtown Highland Park”The municipality added it on its Facebook page.

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According to the Illinois State Police, the situation is still there “current”.

“There was panic in the whole city”

The shootings caused panic in the streets as hundreds of people gathered in the morning to celebrate July 4th, which celebrates the United States’ Declaration of Independence in 1776. Videos posted on social media show residents fleeing.

A witness to the shooting, Michael, told WGN that he saw one shooter armed with a rifle, “Crowded on the ground, I advanced in a methodical paramilitary manner.”. He said the crowd threw themselves on the ground before fleeing as pools of blood pooled.

Susan, 35, a city resident, told “Washington Post” About 20 shots were heard shortly after 10 am. “Everyone was running around me, I ran and took my kids to safety”did she say.

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Adrian was watching a high school band when a man sounded the alarm. “There was panic in the whole city”confided to the Chicago Sun-Times. “We are absolutely stunned.”

When Brad came with his family to The Washington Post, Brad testified: “We heard a boom boom, then another and saw a load of people running. My wife took my son, I took my daughter and we started running in turn to get to our car. We left all our things there.. For those who do not have “I’ve never been in that kind of situation”she was “Obviously the sound of the gun”.

The parade was immediately suspended and festivities were canceled in several nearby towns.

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