Sexual harassment Enas … What will happen in the episode of Tuesday, July 5? spoilers

annoying behavior

Maxim makes Ines uncomfortable. She arrives at work increasingly nervous and ends up calling Mo to talk to her. Manu and Terry investigate the showroom robbery. The owner is completely devastated and estimates that the damages are estimated at more than 40 thousand euros. The police questioned her, but she is devastated, especially since there is no trace of the break-in.

But she does not see who in her entourage could have done so. She tells them that she has no employees except for a cleaning lady but was sent by a company she has worked with for a long time. But she confirms that they have neither the key nor the showroom alarm code. She adds that she has just recruited a housekeeper via a site of interest to the police. Thierry and Manu realize that the two recent heists have in common. They decided to pursue a housekeeper job.

José assesses the value of the items stolen by Jade and her partner but underestimates the reported amount. Jade realizes this and insists he is worth a lot more than he says. Jose offers them €25,000 for everything. Upon leaving Jose’s house, his partner advised him not to tell Ludo anything about his activities.

Ines’ plight

Mo and Inès find themselves on the beach. She is very upset and falls into his arms telling him everything that Maxim made him live. Mo told her she really did well to leave the room and assured her that she was the victim of an attack. She advises him to file a police complaint. Enas is worried and afraid of losing her job. But Mo reassured her by specifying that she would find another one. Ines is still hesitant as she does not want to accuse Sabine’s companion, but ends up convincing her to go to the police station where she is interrogated by Yan who warns her that the prosecutor may not follow up. But he assures her that she took the right solution by filing a complaint. He will summon Maxim. Elise hears this name and realizes she knows it.

Gary visits Jade at camp and tells her about her haircut. She justifies herself by saying that she wears wigs and costumes because she is a dancer, which reassures the camp manager. Mo goes to talk to Sabine to tell her about the complaint against Maxime. She reassures her by telling her that they broke up but she doesn’t hide her surprise because she didn’t notice anything special while dating. Sabine then recalls their discussion of Aeneas at Senso.

Ludo talks about Jade to his roommates and introduces them. Lucille tells the young woman about her career as a journalist and about Akeem’s work. But Jade gets upset and Lucille doesn’t understand her reactions at all. Jade finally leaves his roommate, causing Ludo and his roommates to be misunderstood. Alex and Virgil in Senso. She is nostalgic for this wonderful adventure but her partner makes her realize that the club is really dead. He offers her in spite of everything to embark on a new adventure with her if the opportunity arises.

During her investigation, Elise realizes that Maxime had an affair with the previous owner of Senso and that he was present when Mr. Redon attacked her. They wonder if their investigations are irrelevant. Karen Redon’s photo shows him and Yan getting to know Ines. For Elise, the little girl is the heart of the issue.

This episode ofSuch a big sun It will be watched on Tuesday at 8:45 pm France 2

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