Iranian teenage girls refuse to wear the hijab during a rally, and this is scandalous!

In Iran, a gathering of young teens excited about skateboarding is stirring controversy. because of ? Their clothes will be very “western”.

shorts and loose-fitting shirts for boys; Tight tops, bare arms, bare hair for girls…that’s what you can see A 45-second video that has been circulating on social media since June 23, 2022. A plain dress show during a teenage gathering… Well, not in Iran!

In fact, These teens are western stylein Shiraz on June 21 on the occasion of “Go Skateboarding Day”, an international day for the promotion of skateboarding organized by the International Association of Skateboard Companies, Clarify everything the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to deprive its youth of.

Five people were arrested among the organizers of the event

This is why Shiraz City Prosecutor Mustafa Bahraini announced the arrest of five people, as reported by France 24 on June 30. He claimed that they were only organizers of the demonstration and They are not teenagers, as rumors suggest.

however, No details were revealed about the reasons cited during the arrest, nor about the identity or status of the detainees. According to France 24, this was confirmed by the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic, Muhammad Jaafar Montazeri People abroad have the task of organizing these events and get paid for it. »

This did not prevent the director of the local branch of the Iranian Ski Federation from his position … It also forced the local authorities in Shiraz in conclusion Bars and bookstores that are popular with young peopleAccording to IranWire.

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In Iran girls must wear the hijab from the age of nine!

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, anything that symbolizes Western life up close or far is largely consumed. for example, Any gathering between a man and a woman outside of marriage is prohibited. This also concerns the palace. Also, the schools are not co-ed and Girls forced to wear the hijab from the age of nine.

This scandal is not the first of its kind… In 2018, several women – which they, of course, banned in public – danced in front of Margoun Falls. Then the authorities closed this tourist hotspot in the country.

Rebelote In 2019, a woman was sentenced to prison after she sang alone, again in public, at a tourist site. In the same year, several teenagers were harassed by the Iranian police after a fight with water pistols in a park! In short, as the feminist and Iranian writer Shahdourt Javan said in his book Hijab whores won’t go to heaven :

“A little thing makes you a whore, in this country, woman, as soon as you are noticed, for whatever reason, you must be a whore. A virtuous woman is an invisible woman.”

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