Geraldine Guyot, the woman behind DISTREE who tempts fashion bosses

She is not yet thirty and her name is on everyone’s lips. Carmen Busquets, Rihanna, or Beyoncé – to name a few – have invested in her brand. Portrait of a born businessman.

With her slender body, long wavy blonde hair, and velvety look under brown eyebrows, Geraldine Joyott exudes as serious a flawless look as she does styling. This suggests, however, the meeting by video. Her long, slender fingers come alive as she recounts her flawless run. She entered the fashion world in 2016 through bags and hats. Practical accessories designed with sheer and light lines, so she wanted to add a little daring to her everyday outfit. Six years ago, the Frenchwoman completed her studies in art communication at the Fashion School of Central Saint Martins in London. And he was looking for something to do before embarking on an active life, perhaps to a gallery or museum. She was 23 years old. “It was obvious that I wanted to work in art, just didn’t really know how to deal with it.” She is testing. She launched her brand Destree by first advocating an artisanal approach: the headdress is made in a hat factory on the outskirts of Paris and the bags in workshops in Italy. They are being sold very quickly all over the planet, especially via the Internet. Jewelery joins the show, then clothing in November 2021, which was introduced to “tell a story about accessories.” Small business is booming. And at the head of his thinking, the vocabulary and the state of mind that accompanies it: an abundance of Franglais and energy to spare. “Learning from her mistakes” or taking out the agility card when you don’t know, explains Geraldine Joyot. “The tax side, the accounting, all that, I got lost. But hey, I’m learning fast.

Quickly, she joined forces with Laëtitia Lumbroso, the “Essec profile” whose biography reassured, and met thanks to an ad posted on Fashionjob. With the same size and the same pace, the two women get along well and complement each other. Geraldine Guyot, the youngest of a clan of four highly qualified children, grew up in a family where education was strictly regulated. “Everyone has done HEC or Essec. It was studies and work above all else, art and fashion should remain a passion,” she says from New York, where she has lived for a year and a half. Another read offers: her passion as a business, with some tropics for the startup ethos. In 2020, I scored points. Forbes magazine gave his name to a 30 under 30 ranking, which each year lists the “rising stars of the European entrepreneurship ecosystem”.

Character focus

During this period, a significant change actually occurs on the small label. But Covid is holding it all back. It took two years for the fall to finally be announced: Rihanna and Beyoncé, world-famous singers and businesswomen at the head of several fashion empires, invested in her small Parisian brand of which until then had eight people. Impressive names that the elderly young woman attaches to others as eloquent: Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Emily Weiss, Reese Witherspoon, or even American fashion designer Gabriella Hearst, currently Chloe’s artistic director. And that of Venezuelan Carmen Busquets, the leading figure in the luxury industry’s financial circles, who turned Net-a-porter, and Moda Operandi into global successes.

Geraldine Joyot cares about perfection, and gathers around her a cast of characters that exude strength and triumph. “These women are visionary entrepreneurs, and they are so inspiring,” she explains when asked about the role she’ll play. Their contribution remains primarily financial in order to help the brand spread. This will be visible from July, with the opening of the first store in Paris, near the Jardin des Tuileries. They will also be asked about their area of ​​expertise. “If they respond, so much the better. They don’t respond, well, that’s part of the game.”

This fundraiser deserves a keepsake and even appreciation, although there is a locked sum for any connection. Geraldine Joyot prefers to recount the “many slaps” she and her partner received before filling them with sparkling contributors: “We’ve seen a lot of people, and we’ve had a lot of rejection, primarily from the men’s world.” So much so that they change their strategy and focus exclusively on female encounters. “By talking to a man, two men, and three men, and then talking to a woman, we realized that our brand, our image, and our brand vision resonated more with them.” To support them in this business, they first persuaded Angelica Cheung to invest in the brand: another star in the fashion business, a partner in the Sequoia Capital Fund (which recently became the owner of the Amy brand), who is also the former. Head of Vogue China. A name that has found a certain resonance among its famous investors. This testifies, here again, to Geraldine Joyott’s talent for establishing working relationships and friendships with influential personalities.

earthly wedding

Her marriage seems to follow the same trend. Sur Instagram, ses quelque 41 800 abonnés se régalent de ses looks colorés et bien mis, mais aussi du couple qu’elle forme avec Alexandre Arnault, le fils du patron de LVMH Bernard Arnault, via des romantiques qu’elle poste photos régulièrement social network. And who are by far the “beloved”. Last year, she celebrated her union, in Venice, with the man serving as executive director of products and communications for American jeweler Tiffany. Article from the American edition of Vogue magazine He then gave an overview of the amazing network revolving around the couple, and mentioned that in the midst of fathers, uncles, and aunts, he was able to count on the presence of Beyoncé and Jay-Z (having just posed together for the campaign about love Tiffany & Co.), Simon Port Jacquemus, Roger Federer, Pharrell Williams, or Omar C.

This being able to networks, The young stylist welcomes her with a reserve. “All this media coverage about our marriage was against our will.” She is afraid of shortcuts. “I have been building this brand with my partner for five years. I find it unfair to associate my husband’s name with this issue. We went to find these women, contact after contact. The entire team has gone to great lengths to get there.” Continuing with this idea that the footnote remains despite everything “important” to the success of the project. “At home, the family cocoon played a big role.” I understand, dad. “By listening to his stories about entrepreneurship, I told myself I could do it too.” Well received transmission.

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