Focus on multifunctional cosmetics that lighten the color of wallets and travel bags

A new trend appears this summer: the so-called multifunctional treatments and cosmetics, which meet many needs and can therefore be applied to the face, body and hair at the same time. A new generation of products against the trend of recent years, where each product has its own peculiarity and scope. “We are moving towards simplifying beauty procedures,” explains Isabel Salas to Microphone Europe 1, Marketing Director of the new brand ETC. beauty. “With the layering trend, we recommended applying 15 products in the morning and 15 products in the evening, we just missed that,” she recalls.

According to her, this technology has caused many “environmental, but also efficiency problems” because applying different products in several layers “can cause irritation.” Philipine Darplay, lifestyle columnist at Done wellDetails of Europe’s 1 favorite all-in-one products.

All-in-one products

First and foremost, on the face side, Filipino Darplay recommends “Boum-Boum Milk” by Violette_FR, a makeup artist with 454,000 followers on Instagram. “It’s a three-in-one product that’s an invigorating lotion, serum, and moisturizer,” says the columnist describing the lightweight spray texture. “I became quite addicted,” says Philippine Darplay.

“Total Cleans’r,” from singer Rihanna’s Fenty Skin brand, is a two-in-one product because it removes makeup and cleanses at the same time. Performance, according to the columnist, because “these products are generally very different, with very different formulations and responses.”

ETC brand. Beauty has launched an “On edge” balm, midway between care and makeup that “hydrates, evens, brightens and smooths skin,” the columnist recounts.

practical direction

But how can you be sure of the effectiveness of these integrated products? The answer lies in what these treatments contain. Take the ETC conditioner, for example. Beauty: It especially contains biotin, the “beautiful skin vitamin with multiple benefits”. Adrien Coelho, founder of the Coelho Beauty brand, which offers only multifunctional products, confirms this trend.

The solution is to choose versatile components that can be used in many ways, but also cohesive components, which can be used together. This is the case of its brand, which offers a cream that can be used for washing, but also for nourishing hair. Coelho Beauty also provides a compatible oil for hair, body and face.

The motto of this new trend: practicality! Suitable for young and old alike, these products are more useful during the holiday period, because whoever says less products, says more space in the holiday bag!

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