Curly hair: In Bora Bora, Camellia Jordana wears her natural hair on the beach

On vacation in Bora Bora, Camélia Jordana takes the opportunity to let her hair naturally curly, and it’s hot.

Camellia Jordana says while on vacation Goodbye frozen brush. This year, the singer has spiced up her hair with all the colors. Between the Cannes Film Festival, where she chose a ponytail and took pictures on the spot Her hair is often straightened, The artist decided to give them some rest this summer. Scams are not allowed. On the beach, under the sun of Bora Bora, So Camellia Jordana looked completely natural with gorgeous, shiny hair.

Camellia Jordana assumes her natural curls

It’s been a while since Camellia Jordana left her real hair nature alone. Adept at hair changes, The singer often differs from the side hairstyles. From sleek hair to braids, there is something for every hairstyle. But after a busy year, Camellia Jordana decided to go back to basics. On Instagram, she revealed her new head with Naturally curly hair, cut above the shoulders. A very fresh and modern look that delights its subscribers. “best natural hair”, “you have a nice hair” or “Best Cut” Can we read in the comments. With her new haircut, Camellia Jordana is really causing quite a stir!

Curly hair: how to take care of it?

Get flexible and well-defined waves Turns out it’s a daily task, and even more so in the summer. Fortunately, some brands have evolved block products To restore volume and lightness to curls during the summer period. Les Secrets de Loly, the brand expert in curly hair and textureThey just launched the range weight loss program. There are three products: a shampoo made with fruit extract, red algae and golden flaxseed, a conditioner infused with oligopeptides from sweet almond protein and a quinoa-enriched hair milk. Triple therapy promises Protect and moisturize curly hair With 17 different amino acids that lock in water, strengthen fibers and increase elasticity to protect against external damage. in another record, Nat & Nove offers a cleansing treatment Plus a mask of organic marshmallow extract that deeply nourishes the hair fiber and repaints curls. As for DevaCurl, the American brand Professional in curly hair for 25 years, Offers a combination of three targeted treatments for a complete hydration ritual. The formula based on mint and grape seed oil helps hair regain its color and volume. A winning combo for a quiet summer!

The Weightless program ranges from Les Secrets de Loly at €55 lolly secrets
Nat & Nove at €5.90 nat and nov
Curly Starter Kit from DevaCurl, €32 DevaCurl

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