Claude Lanzmann: The man who wanted to make memories bloom

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The word “shoah” means “annihilation” in Hebrew. It’s thanks to the movie holocaust by Claude Lanzmann that the term became a common name and entered popular culture to refer to Adolf Hitler’s project of extermination of the Jews. The Lanzmann documentary – lasting more than nine hours – is so powerful that it remains the reference work on the Holocaust today.

It must be said that when the movie hit theaters in 1985, Lanzmann had turned 60 and had worked on it all his life. Filming in various genocide sites, and then around the world to collect the testimonies of survivors, not only spread over the years, but required extraordinary courage and stubbornness from him. For the first time since 1945, survivors were invited to testify extensively in front of the camera. The documentary won many awards and made its director a legend.

holocaust It is his life’s work. Life’s work highlights the lives of others. gives the floor. Freedom of speech, without subterfuge. He wants to save the past to save the future. It was a long term job. It lasted for years. He was the only one who believed in him so we could all believe in him. It was a unique, massive and unprecedented feat. Which means that if “Lansmann did not embark on the human epic that he was portraying holocaustNo one would have done that,” academic Mark Lampron, his friend, wrote in a volume ball card. This movie was a thunderclap, a revelation. We knew, but we didn’t. We do not stop understanding the incomprehensible. Horror, even when we know it, always remains unimaginable. Never stop being out of the question.

Patagonia Hair

He was resisting him at a very young age at the end of World War II, then a journalist and director of revision The modern era, movie Maker. In more than 80 years, the writer has finally revealed himself with his wonderful book of memoirs, Patagonia Hair. This palette of more than 500 pages contains nothing that could be a file Best seller. The path of man in the century. A friend of Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. Intellectual, tormented and sensitive.

This was the book of the summer of 2009. Within a few months, more than 100,000 copies had been sold. A book no one expected. At 83 years old, this was his first act and it was an event. “I am neither tired nor tired of the world,” he wrote. We all like to say the same thing: the only thing that’s interesting is living. This is a book about courage and cowardice. A book about horror and beauty. An essential book for those who still have doubts about the urgency of the list. With him, we understand that not everything is equal. This courage often resists. Say no. Revolution. fight. appear, appear. The will is there.

Claude Lanzmann is one of those men and women who do not want the memory to die. They were perhaps the most important people of their time. They are the passers-by, and through them the world finds its meaning, life, its thickness. They know that for there to be a future, there must be a past; This oblivion is like a clock stopping, a writer no longer reads.

Lampron writes again: “Lansmann’s lesson is to understand how fragile human life is, and its potential to be remembered, alike. More than 30 years after the end of the war, Lanzmann had this project to capture a memory on film. He could confirm, like Margaret Doras in the painThat peace is also the beginning of oblivion. “To be a man,” said Malraux, “meant to reduce the role of comedy.”

Lanzmann was born in 1925 – the same year my father was born. in year of the fire roosterIn his 2017 memoir, Mark Lampron fondly recounts that at the age of 91, Lansmann had just bought a new car and planned to visit his friends over the summer. This is the year before his death. In those days, he reread the proofs for a set of tributes to be published by Gallimard. He still goes to chic Parisian restaurants where he shares his films and writing projects. The seducer is never far away. Lampron recounts a call he received from the inexhaustible Lanzmann a few weeks later. “I have to buy Paris Match This morning, he commanded me insistently: at the opening, Valerie Trierweiler devoted three pages to him. It is more than a neighborhood. “Survivor”, if such a word exists. With him, everything is allowed when it comes to going to the front, fighting, bringing history to the surface and also living and loving.

With Simone de Beauvoir

in the power of thingsSimone de Beauvoir tells us that Claude Lanzmann is an exceptional being. Dating back a few years in the 1950s, Lanzmann even spent a few days on vacation with Sartre and Beauvoir in the summer. “Having Lanzmann with me set me free,” wrote Simone de Beauvoir, who was 17 years older than her lover. “He accepted me as a whole, with my past and my present. This is indeed a sensible way of envisioning life. From the beginning, Lanzmann made many round trips between France and Israel. We began to build our future by telling ourselves about the past.” In order to introduce himself, she explains, He said first of all: I am a Jew. So we are only a few years away from the end of the war. Beauvoir notes that Lanzmann’s experience did not lead him to view Jews as “humiliated, resigned, humiliated, but combative.”

Lanzmann wrote: “Simon de Beauvoir, I fell in love with her instantly” Patagonia Hair. During one of their first meetings, Lanzmann told her, “I’d like to take you to the cinema. It was history that was written. We couldn’t have guessed that after a few decades, it was the whole world that Lanzmann would bring to the cinema. When they decided to walk away, Lanzmann was old 34 and Beauvoir, 51. It was the end of the 1950s and de Gaulle had just regained power. Simone de Beauvoir died in 1986, a year after his release holocaust.

in Promised LandThe first volume of his memoirs dealing with his youth, political development, and then the early years of his presidency, Barack Obama describes his first visit to Buchenwald, along with Angela Merkel and Elie Wiesel. Obama had decided to stop in Germany before heading to Normandy to participate in the 75e Anniversary of the Allied landings, in particular accompanied by Nicolas Sarkozy. Wiesel is a survivor of Buchenwald. author the nightA wonderful book about his experiences in the camps recounted that in 1945 he paradoxically left the camp “full of hope for the future.” Merkel spoke of the need for Germans to remember the past.

Speaking at the ceremony in Normandy, President Obama once again rose to the occasion. “Our history has always been the sum total of choices and actions made by every single man and woman. They have always depended on us. The news reminds us every day that the desire for peace remains one of the greatest things of every age.

Frédéric Beigbdeer wrote in Dam on the Atlantic Ocean. “Happiness is the conquest of every moment. You cannot rest on your flowers in your hair; it is a struggle with bare hands,” Bijbdir wrote. in a living thing passes by“You never know you’re completely lost, you always have a little hope,” says Lanzmann, a book on interviews published in the mid-1980s. “The man had seen, read, pictured, and narrated the horror, but he did not despair. Hope, perhaps the most beautiful word in the French language, at least The busiest.With him, we are always right to get up in the morning.

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