Amandine Petty mistreated him in a test for Fort Boyard!

Amandine Petty left her hair there in the new edition of Fort Boyard. The former Miss France tells how she lived her adventure, a program that will be broadcast on Saturday 9 July on France 2.

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The summer season begins with the famous game Boyar Castle At France 2. This Saturday, July 9, it will be the turn of Elodie Josswin’s team – made up of Bruno Gillon, Cecile Djenga, Emilie Brusolo, Ugo and Amandine Petit – to shine in the fort to win Father Firas’ treasure. These celebrities will give everything to bring as much money as possible to UNICEF. But they will have to face the new characters of the season and the “Nine Origins of Father Firas” that will bring good luck or misfortune to the candidates. If Élodie Gossuin was a regular Olivier Minne player, it would only be his second time with Amandine Petit. This edition has brought him some additions. explanations.

Amandine Betty gives herself body and soul

This adventure in the fort was a sign of the entire team and Amandine Petty still remembers the spider’s ordeal. “We put on a full suit, then walk into a dungeon full of glue. The goal: toss balls into a basket. It’s a mission impossible, but what did we laugh about! I lost my shoes, stayed stuck to the ground for at least ten minutes. In short, I had them all over the place. When I got back to the hotel, I even had to cut a lock of my hair …, captured the former Miss France, who did not come out unscathed. This year, the young woman again had the right to a void test. The same event that she had to give up last season. ‘I was paralyzed from the fear of emptiness’Amandine Petty explained.

The ex-miss faces her phobia

“This year, I invited the host, Olivier Min Don’t call me again. But something told me he wouldn’t hesitate! And indeed, you have correctly seen … The production dared to confront me again with its worst phobia (…]But this time, she showed a lot of courage and really jumped in.”Amandine proudly assured Beattie. If many celebrities would rather take their part on the show, this is not the case for the former Miss France who is ready to enlist next year. “This program conveys the beautiful values ​​that are so dear to me. So, yes, We’re scared, but we’re also having fun!Amandine Petty concluded.

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