Amandine Petty: Fort Boyard ordeal that forced her to cut her hair

Saturday, July 9, 2022, France 2 will broadcast a new issue of Boyar Castle. And the filming of the latter was not without consequences for the former Miss France, Amandine Petit, as she was captured Tele-Leisure This Monday 4th July 2022…

It is Summer ! And who says summer says back from Boyar Castle. The iconic France 2 game returns for a new season. The least we can say is that changes will be in order this year! Among the most notable is undoubtedly the withdrawal of tigers. In fact, in the first issue that aired on Saturday, July 2, 2022, viewers were able to spot tigers in 3D for the first time. A decision made by the production company and tiger breeder, Thierry Leportier, as captured in an AFP press release on February 24: “After discussing it with our breeders/trainer and in close cooperation with France Télévisions, ALP and France Télévisions will allocate an amount that will allow the Fort Boyard Tigers to continue to receive all necessary care and allow them to end their lives. For the dignity of the animal so dear to us.” I have explained. The Tigers’ withdrawal from Fort Boyard is the result of discussions with ALP. Our long cooperation always consists of constructive exchanges. Thanks to their participation and concern for the future of my animals, I’m a little calmer about the continued well-being of my tiger“.

“When I got back to the hotel, I even had to cut a lock of my hair…”

Among other changes, new tests will come to harm the nerves of the various candidates. But let viewers rest assured, legendary events will always be present. between them spider. The candidate wears a full suit surrounded by a net and must throw the balls into a basket. The least we can say is that this ordeal, Amandine Petit will remember her for a long time. This Saturday, July 9, 2022, France 2 will broadcast a new issue of Boyar Castle With Élodie Gossuin, Bruno Guillon, Amandine Petit, Émilie Broussouloux, Cécile Djunga and Ugo, nominee Koh Lanta. On this occasion, Miss France 2021 captivated in the aforementioned event, which retains some of its consequences as it reveals Tele-LeisureAnd the This Monday, July 4, 2022:It’s an impossible task, but what did we laugh about! I lost my shoes, stayed stuck to the ground for at least ten minutes. In short, I had them all over the place. When I got back to the hotel, I even had to cut a lock of my hair…”. Nice teaser for the next episode!

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