A cyclist cut down on Ille-sur-Têt: Carmen S., imprisoned comrade, ‘He was a baker, a layman after all’

He was accused and imprisoned for the murder of François Figureux, his well-known companion in Fenouillèdes where she had traded with her deceased husband for years.

We still have little information about the circumstances of the tragedy that claimed the life of François Figuero, a 57-year-old resident of Ile-sur-Tate. He had disappeared on May 26, and then his body was found, a week later, down Highway 2 in the direction of Elle members. A particularly frightening sight since the body was discovered in two separate bags, cut at the level of the torso. The mystery remains at the crime scene, the motive, and even the exact cause of death.

But we do know that a 58-year-old woman was arrested on 27 June. At the end of her police custody, she was charged with “murder by a person who was or was the victim’s husband or partner”. On Friday July 1, a month after the terrible discovery, she was remanded in custody while the investigation continued.

Reportedly denied the suspect, Carmen S. No tampering occurred. She was the companion of François Figuero for some time: they met about two years ago. The 50-year-old was an electrician at a ski resort in Andorra. He would have tendered his resignation a few months ago to live in France more than once. Until then, the couple shared daily life sporadically, before settling in a communal house on Ille-sur-Têt, rue de la Cerisaie where seals were placed by the gendarmes. Nevertheless, Carmen S. continued to spend some time, in one of her residences, in Cassagnes.

In this village, everyone knows Carmen S. And for good reason: She’s lived there for years and ran the bakery with her husband, a local kid. Very intrusive, this mother of three now adult daughters actively participated in village life, as parents of students, but also within the rural family.

There was no known separation or conflict between the spouses

Of Andalusian descent, Carmen S. She is a small round woman 1.65 meters tall, with light eyes, and light brown hair, which she has always worn long. “We remember a gentle person, but also quite discreet, not racy, and at the end quite clear”We trust Cassagnes. Some also conjure aside “Secret” And the truth “Those stories always happen to him.”

In 2001, the bakers left to open a business in Saint-Cyprien, then returned to Fenouillèdes 8 years later. In November 2020, the family of Carmen S. suffered a tragedy: her husband and the father of her three children died of a long illness. Shortly thereafter, she was to meet François Figureux. “I think they met here, in Café Centrale in Ile. Anyway, since then, every Sunday, they get together for an aperitif and play trifecta. He was not a fanatical player, far from there, he bet ten euros, “ She captured a tavern client, the next day to identify the body. Like his companion, the man was described as someone “Reserved and enjoyable”. In short, a couple without stories. Furthermore, no one seems to have heard of the breakup, or even of a major conflict between them.

What are the motives of this woman to commit such a despicable crime? In Cassagnes, for some time now, we no longer see Carmen S: “The village was shocked. When we saw the gendarmes come to search her house last week, we realized that it was Elle’s story. No one could have imagined that she could have accessed this. Even if there were always ambiguities and gray areas around Carmen.”

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