“To my sisters…” – History of Emmanuel Sedem

In the United States, some are more concerned with the fate of guns than with the fate of women. This is the state of the US Supreme Court’s final ruling on 14e and 15e Amendments to the constitution of this country. Let us take this opportunity to remember the fundamental importance of women’s status and their dual role in well-being, first as creators, then as inspiration.

As creators, we are spoiled for choice. Rose Bertin (1747-1813), neither noble nor aristocratic, invented the profession of fashion designer and seduced Marie Antoinette with her exotic models, but also with her simple and light shirt-like dresses that caused a scandal at the time and her will. It is copied and imitated by all.

Madame Clikot (1777-1866), a daring entrepreneur who exports her champagne to the borders of Eastern Europe and as far away from Russia. Jane Lanvin (1867-1946), who gave birth to the legendary fashion house. Coco Chanel (1883-1971), who made petticoats and corsets disappear, cut her hair very short, launched a simple, comfortable wardrobe and revolutionized women’s fashion.

Jean Toussaint (1887-1976), a formidable creator of Cartier jewelry after World War II, to which we owe the Panthere jewel that has become one of the house’s icons. Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973) who would use fashion as a means of expression and not only as aesthetics, by forging links with the artists of her time, such as the telephone-inspired Lobster dress that Dali painted.

Caresse Crosby (1891-1970) who rejects conventions and wears a corset for balls and parties and invents a bra that adapts her body, for which she will patent in 1914. Madeleine Vionnet (1876-1975), Madame Grès (1903-1993), makers of draperies and pleats To celebrate the beauty of the female body as the Greek deities at the Erechtheion Temple on the Acropolis.

Mini skirt. Mary Quandt, born in 1934, is a young British designer who in the mid-1960s invented the miniskirt, a way for women to liberate themselves, “I wish women could run to catch the bus,” she said. Immoral and disgusting, according to many gentlemen of the time, in bowler hats. Maria Grazia Chiuri, currently chairing the women’s collections at Dior, uses her fashion shows to echo the evolution of society. Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel, Helena Rubinstein, Estée Lauder and others who have dedicated their lives to bringing the feminine spirit to a higher, more beautiful age.

And as an inspiration, the role of women has been, and will continue to be, crucial. Because luxury is not just an economic sector. Is it necessary to emphasize that most of its success depends on elements far from the market economy. Luxury has always had the function of glorifying women, and demonstrating their place in the heart of society. Luxury speaks of love, commitment, and eternity.

In the world of conflict we live in, luxury holds extraordinarily positive values, as it is up to homes and brands to defend and promote it, even more powerfully today. Values ​​beauty versus unspeakable suffering. The values ​​of reconciliation, peace and happiness. Reverse the negation of half the sky. I wish you all a nice summer.

Emmanuelle Sidem, CEO of ConnexConsulting, Brand Management Consultant.

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