This is the sacrifice that Ingrid Bergman accepted to play in the film

Tonight, Arti channel is broadcasting For whom the bell tolls, a beautiful adaptation of the famous novel by Ernest Hemingway. Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman star in it. To get it, the actress had to make a sacrifice that would have stopped more than one…

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The first color film starring Ingrid Bergman, For whom the bell tollsBroadcast this evening on Arte adapted from the famous novel by Ernest Hemingway. The film follows the adventures of Robert Jordan in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, an American who came to fight on the side of the Republicans. It’s the charismatic Gary Cooper that gives him his looks and charisma. After a train is blown up, Jordan escapes and joins a resistance group formed in the mountains and led by a woman. There, Jordan meets Maria, a troublesome young woman whose parents were murdered by Franco. Jordan falls in love with her.

The role he was destined for

Who wrote the novel Ernest Hemingway He had an actress in mind when he imagined Maria. And this actress Ingrid Bergman. However, she is not the one recruited by production. take photo For whom the bell tolls start with another actress, Vera Zorina. Bergman is not even available, she is still busy shooting another movie that will become very popular: White House (A cult romance film where she plays with Humphrey Bogart). But Vera Zorina does not satisfy the production, which therefore decides to replace it. Hemingway is delighted, he can now get the actress he dreamed of playing the role of Maria. However… the actress will accept one of her requests and it’s a sacrifice.

Difficult request

In the film’s story, Maria’s parents are murdered by Franco’s soldiers. And the young woman herself was arrested, detained and then shaved! Therefore, the character must have short hair. And the Ernest Hemingway He was especially keen on that. He told the beautiful actress, who was the inspiration for the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. But for her, don’t worry! For this role, she says things clearly:To get the role, I’d be willing to cut off my head! “. And she was right. Thanks to For whom the bell tollsAnd the Ingrid Bergman He received an Academy Award nomination. The first from a long list: During her career, she was nominated seven times and won the statue three times. So it was worth a little short haircut!

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