Scalp sunscreen summer trend

(ETX Daily Up) – We don’t always think about it, or even rarely, but the scalp also gets sun exposure. Sunburns can hurt this part of the body a lot. On TikTok, the topic has led to several videos, which highlight various solutions, including sunscreens in powder form.

This summer, don’t be surprised if your neighbor towels off his hair at the beach. He or she actually protects against sunburn on the scalp. This reflex is causing a stir on TikTok. With over two million views, the hashtag #powdersunscreen highlights a supplement that can become a key ally during your vacation: powdered sunscreen. Usually applied to protect the face from the dangers of the sun, this protection is also used for the scalp, an area often overlooked by vacationers, according to this trend.

When we think of hair, we think of scented oils and mists, which smell so good in summer and that protect against heat or summer aggression like chlorine or sea salt, but we don’t think of the possibility of sunburn. However, the scalp is a very sensitive part of the sun. If it is enough to wear a hat or cap to protect it, once the head is spotted, the danger is there. Sunburns are especially painful and difficult to soothe, which is why there are solutions to avoid them.

You can find sunscreens in spray or powder form. So the spray has an SPF and often also protects the hair from UV rays, which is a very useful double protection. Easy to apply, these mists are easier to find and use than powder protection. Be careful, however, not to confuse it with the non-SPF protective mist, which is more common on the market.

But what’s causing a stir on social media is powder sunscreen. They are most commonly used on the face, accompanied by a brush or bandage, but are also beneficial for the scalp. Easy to apply, just sprinkle the powder on the roots. Only downside: It takes a large amount of powder to provide effective protection. However, the powder is also said to have another benefit. In addition to protection from the sun, this will remove the hair from the hair, replacing the popular dry shampoo. An important asset for oily hair. Brands like Hawaiian Tropic, ILIA, or Supergoop have launched their powder products on the market.

So this summer, to be trendy and protected, along with our organic and safe ocean sunscreen, don’t forget your scalp mist or scalp powder. Always apply every 2 hours and after swimming.

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