Memphis looks unknown with blonde hair transformation

Controversial 90 Days Khatib: 90 Days Before The Memphis star Smith has totally changed her look since fans last saw her on Tell-All with ex-husband Hamza Makni. Memphis, a mother of two, fell in love with Hamza, an unemployed man in Tunisia after meeting him on a dating app. Memphis and Hamza talked for a few months before deciding to marry him upon seeing him for the first time. It turns out that Memphis’ hasty decision was her worst because she found out things about Hamza that she didn’t know fiancé 90 days Role. But rather than separate from Hamza, Memphis continued their marriage and found herself pregnant, all during her two-week trip.

Hamza and Memphis’ tearful farewell while leaving for America was one of the saddest moments in 90 days ago Fifth season. Hamza’s hearts and happiness melt when they learn that he met Memphis shortly after the birth of their child. fiancé 90 days Fans did not receive much response from Hamza and Memphis at the reunion, as she had to leave early due to a sudden illness. It was later revealed that Memphis allegedly had a falling out with a behind-the-scenes photographer who allegedly filmed her without permission. Hamza hasn’t even revealed if he has a boy or girl on the show, and fans thought it was because he and Memphis would be back via a new show on TLC.

But since then, it was revealed that Memphis and Hamza are not together anymore. In fact, Hamza does not reside in Memphis, Michigan but rides alone in Chicago. Memphis took a break from social media when questions about her relationship with Hamza reached an all-time high. But she soon started posting updates about her life again and recently revealed her amazing new hair color. The Muskegon, who is based in Memphis, posted two photos of herself to show off her blonde bob. “I love changing my hair color and styleMemphis wrote in her comment. She thinks it’s good to be versatile and have a different look. on me fiancé 90 daysMemphis has always worn her long hair.

Fans first saw Memphis with short hair on Tell All, and they loved it and her bold outfit choice—a chic black dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a plunging neckline. Memphis admitted that changing her hairstyle gives her a way to express herself.”in another way“It’s more fun and creative.”Plus I heard that blondes have more fun“, fiancé 90 days The Memphis star wrote, and in her hashtags she mentioned how she is “# beauty“and one”# retweet. In the comments section, fiancé 90 days Fans told Memphis that the new haircut and color looked great on her. They agreed that Memphis looked younger than his age and said,to love.

Memphis has been confident in her latest Instagram update as Hamza tries her hand at modeling in the US. Memphis has lost a lot of weight since birth which also helps her stand out now. Even on the show, Memphis didn’t show her glamorous side when she was in Tunis, but during Tell-All, she wowed her jaws with her beauty. Before 90 Days Khatib: 90 Days Before It’s over, there was a rumor that Memphis, Hamza and their baby were being photographed 90 Days Fiancé: Is He Happy Forever? Season 7, however, Hamza recently posted a statement on Instagram saying that fans won’t see him in a new season of the franchise. Fans suspected that Memphis might have quit too fiancé 90 days Since then, Memphis has claimed in the past that not everything in the series is the truth.

Source: Memphis Smith / Instagram

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