Les Apprentis Aventuriers: The Marines are back “normal”!

Maren Rouge decided to return to nature! Novice candidate Aventuriers has shown herself in a new light on her Instagram account. Something that makes his fans react! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Passion for surgery

Reality TV nominees are known to be very passionate about surgery. practically All passed on the pool table.

Some are not shy about assuming this. Jessica Thevenin (Les Apprentis Aventuriers) calls herself a “plastic woman.” Maddie Borciaga admitted to redesigning her chest. The same goes for Alex, Astrid Nilsia, Manon Marsault, Maeva Gainam, and many more…

But other reality TV contestants still don’t admit it Not their visit to the surgeon. Mila Jasmine, Nabila are the perfect example.

If plastic surgery gets good criticism on social networks, TV stars remind them of it It allowed them to gain confidence.

Maren Hammar and her sister Océane (Les Apprentis Aventuriers) commissioned her on several occasions. They practically put everything back on their faces. They have changed too The size of the breasts and buttocks.

Océane is proud of the results. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t show off her body on her Instagram account. But her sister, Maren, can’t say the same.

She now wants to go back to nature. yes! She’s taking a new course that fits her well. And his fans confirm at length the validity of this transition. We tell you more below.

Novice Adventurers: Marine Red Wants Nature

On social media, Maren Al-Hamr surprised all her fans It looks more natural. Goodbye hair extensions, everything removed! Yes yes, you do not dream.

“Back to nature,” she wrote on her Instagram account. We see her in a little white dress that fits her perfectly. The young woman is now brown, as before.

She made a small fringe that accentuates her face. She also has Tan makes it radioactive. Novice candidate Aventurier really surprised her fans.

We can read in the comments: “So beautiful, she suits you better”, “I love her so much, you are attractive”, “Awesome”, “10 times better than extensions”, “As a blonde she was also beautiful but I prefer her natural like this”.

Marine has changed a lot since her debut on reality TV. But she knew how to avoid the abuse of surgery. To this day, she remains as beautiful as ever.

Know that she and her sister are now heading to a completely new project: so they are going to open their first YouTube channel. The two sisters will relive their history, their love, and their disappointments. They will also talk about their passion for sports and nutrition! So this is a great program, isn’t it!

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