Christina Cordola: Her Beauty and Wellness Ten Essentials

Cristina Cordola, a former model straight from Brazil, was transformed into a TV host for Nouveau Look, Reines du Shopping, Cousu Main and Magnifique who within a few years became one of the iconic characters of the French small screen. With the launch of her brand Magnifaik, she has made a name for herself in the beauty world and reveals her beauty tips here.

When it comes to style, she is an authority. But Christina Cordola Not only is a priestess with good taste in fashion: the French-Brazilian priestess also intends to play a role in the beauty world! Guide with launch Her beauty mark: Magnifaik! Christina Cordola, international model, TV presenter and image consultant, has added a new series to her arc with the launch of her own cosmetics brand. And we must realize that if the French-Brazilian is known for its sense of style and elegance, we are also admirers of its beauty. Sparkling, Fresh, Always Beautiful …time seems to have no bearing on Christina Cordola. And while Mother Nature was certainly more than generous with the Rio de Janeiro native, Beauty tips gleaned from her modeling career And choosing the right products, perhaps they are no strangers to treating her always impeccable beauty. So it makes sense that the French favorite, the Brazilian wanted to share her beauty tips with us.

1. Her skin care routine

“In the morning, after taking a shower – with Bioderma Athoderm oil -, I take care of my face and neck With Caudalie’s “Eau beauté” spray and Augustinus Bader’s “Serum” serum. In winter, I moisturize my skin with Augustinus Bader “rich cream” and in summer, if I’m in a humid country, I only apply serum, otherwise I complete “The Cream” Augustinus Bader. For the eye contour “eye cream” Augustinus bader. I also use Anthelios anti-shine mist by Laroche Posay FP50 in winter, and in summer, Protect my skin from the sun and blue light. It is dry and does not leave the skin pearly. I have a secret: I leave the creams in the refrigerator because they are cold, they improve blood circulation.

In the evening, I remove my make-up with micellar water Crealine from Bioderma. Then, while taking a shower, I wash my face and body with Bioderma “Atoderm” oil. Before going to bed, I apply “The essence” of Augustinus Bader to the face and neck. I also put on a serum but like to switch between “The Night Serum”, “Hyaluronic Serum” and Barbara Sturm “Super Anti-Aging Serum”. I finished with moisturizer, “Cream” or “Rich Cream” Agustinus Bader, depending on the season. The final touch is Caudalie “Eau de beauté” spray.

And more for the face: I do lymphatic drainage once a week.With Herbivore ‘Probiotic Skincare Oil’ or ‘Phoenix Oil’. I change brands and products very regularly, keeping the same kind of routine for face and body.

Exactly, my body, in the morning I moisturize with Lipikar moisturizing milk from La Roche-Posay, in the evening after showering, using Weleda “Relaxing Oil” with Lavender. And every 15 days, I peel off the brand “La Mer”.

2. Take care of her lip and her hand

“For lips, I currently use Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Balm, but I also love Neutrogena Lip Balm. For Hands: Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Care.”

3. Her favorite perfume

I am very loyal to my favorite fragrances. For 10 years now, I’ve been wearing Jo Malone’s “Basil & Neroli” cologne, to which I’ve added “Orange Blossom,” which is still from Jo Malone. These fragrances take me on a journey…to the Amalfi Coast…they also evoke the freshness of Brazil…these fragrances are part of me! »

4. Her hair ritual

“I have short, sleek hair that is easy to maintain. I use shampoo for dyed hairAnd, I change brands a lot… at the moment, it’s Sisley’s “Hair Ritual,” but also Drunk Elephant’s “Cocomino Glossing Shampoo” or Rahua’s “Color Full Shampoo.” I never use conditioner. I wash, comb and I’m ready! »

5. Her Beauty Obsession

“I always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara!”

6. Her Make-up Desires

“All products from my Magnifaïk makeup line!!! For perfect skin Above all, I use “C’est la base!” From my makeup line. It’s a product that I can use on my own but also under foundation, if I do more sophisticated makeup. It smooths skin texture, gives it a velvety feel and, above all, imparts a glow! In addition, it is also a remedy thanks to its Brazilian active ingredients: cupuaçu butter, which has moisturizing, plumping and anti-aging properties, and acai oil, nourishing and antioxidant.

I erase my dark circles With the Magnifaik Dark Circle Eraser, which will be released soon. To have a luminous complexion, you have to erase dark circles, otherwise you will look tired. I had very dark circles because I am Brazilian and I have dark skin. An ideal eraser for this because it has an orange color that eliminates dark circles. Then I apply “Au taquet!” concealer. ‘Shade is 30’. If I do natural makeup, I also use it on the T-zone and chin. FYI, “At work!” » Contains cocoa butter, antioxidants, moisturizer and protects the skin from the effects of blue light from screens. and Acerola extract, which has an antioxidant and moisturizing effect.

My favorite mascara at the moment are “Lash freak” from Urban Decay, and Glow Play Lip Balm “Floral Coral” from Mac Cosmetics. »

7. Her beautiful secret

“To look good, I use the bronzer/highlighter duo ‘We want highlights!'” In the winter I use the shade ‘Paris’, and in the summer I use the shade ‘Rio’. All the products in my Magnifaik makeup line are clean and care-giving because they all contain active Brazilian ingredients that are good for the skin. I have a golden rule: if my eyes work more I make a normal mouth and vice versa.”

8. Its shaped tips

Whatever happens and whatever my schedule is, I do yoga Twice a week I also do cardio at least twice a week. »

9. His diet

“It’s a bit cliched but I swear it’s true: I love vegetables and fishand light items such as salads and raw vegetables. But I assure you I have a nice sin: chocolate! »

10. Her Anti-Stress Trick

“Go on vacation to Rio!” Travel… but since it is not always possible … I do meditation and breathing. If you’ll excuse me, I have a scream: I don’t like makeup that’s too distinctive, too much contouring, with too much texture, highlights all over the place with no nuance, with too much of everything… It distorts a woman’s beauty. I prefer a more natural woman! »

Image credits: Vicente Di Paolo

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