Billie Eilish admits that she lost a few years of her adolescence!

Assessing her life, Billie Eilish realized that she had lost a few years of her teenage years! She seems to have some regrets… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Billie Eilish: international star

It took him a little time to make himself known to the general public. Thanks to the incredible success of the song Bad Guy and Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish very quickly entered music history.

His songs are listened to all over the world. Some even consider them wonderful effects. In short, you get it, Billie Eilish She became a legend before she turned 20.

Very quickly, she created her own style and personal signature. She dyed her hair lemon green and black. She wears the same color as her hair.

What a beautiful fate! But fame isn’t always easy to manage. That’s exactly what the star revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. So she can count on her family to support her every day.

Unfortunately, His daily life has changed. The fun-loving actress said she “hated going out” because she is still being appreciated after the “Ocean Eyes” hit.

The young woman was put in the spotlight in a rather brutal manner. She admits that she got the impression that she was being watched when she was out in public.

lost teenager

billie eilish He can’t be an ordinary teenagere. In 2021, she told the Los Angeles Times that her fame halted her teenage years. “I hated going out, meI hated going to events. I hated being recognized, hated having a bunch of eyes on the internet. And I just wanted to do teenage things….”

She’s sad To be past adolescenceE: “I don’t want to say this in a negative way, but I kind of lost my teenage years because it all started when I was 13. So there was no training. I couldn’t go to a school that would teach me how to become famous.”

As a result, the star did not have time to make friends. And he misses it a lot sometimes. But Billie Eilish is a very mature woman. I assured her she hadn’t changed! Thanks to her success, she was able to do everything that came to her mind.

At only 16 years old, she was traveling the world. Then at the age of 18, she was also acting at the Grammys. And to this day, she is very proud of it. So being a musician allowed her to see things differently. howeveradmits that it is very negative:

“The things that I love can sometimes become things that I feel like a burden to me, and that’s really weird. Like, ‘Oh, that’s something I loved, and now it feels like a job.'” ” I have changed “.

So his fans are very proud of his success. Billie Eilish keeps coming outr unanimously real nuggets.

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