Once again accused of stealing her subscribers

Sarah Friso makes a fatal mistake while launching a product. While promoting a cosmetic product, she posts a chilling notice on her story.

Chloe Cooper: Deals with Nicky Cosmetics

If influencers live from their product placements, they are not really known for their professionalism. In fact, we no longer count the number of candidates who made a fuss over the failure of product placement.

But what annoys Internet users above all is the lies that some can tell to sell their products. It must be said that the new influencers understood the system well. Many of them have created their own brand in order to generate more revenue.

This is how new products like Nicky Cosmetics have conquered the world of influence. This brand created by the former head of the agency We are the eventsSell ​​hair products. Revolutionary According To Reality TV Nominees, The Care And Shampoo Is Proven To Be Too Aggressive According To Hairstylists. On top of that, Chloe Cooper ended up denouncing the label Wesley Nakash, saying the candidate would have been captivated by tears with her, having lost so much of his hair.

Sarah Friso is accused of defrauding her subscribers.

Sarah Friso: She admits she’s lost a lot of her hair, and her product placement is called into question

And Chloe isn’t the only one to make such discoveries. In September 2020, Sarah Friso told her subscribers that she had recently lost a lot of her hair. By exposing the “holes” in her hair mass, she explained: “Yes I have visibly falling hair. I had a major panic attack, which is why I looked for products to strengthen my scalp, and to regrow my hair.”

If the young woman never mentioned Nicky Cosmetics’ name, netizens quickly made the call. On social networks, the wizards were going well.

“Wait, for months she’s been promoting Nicky Cosmetics and calling people myths when they talk about her holes in her head and then telling us everything, hair loss, no shine, no growth…” Can we read. or: “They are really ***, they don’t even pay attention to negative messages frankly, it makes me feel sorry for all these people.”

Sarah Lopez: Accused of defrauding her subscribers through her product placements

Recently, it was Sarah Lopez who irritated netizens. In fact, the young woman was accused of having orchestrated a placement for her product to promote a somewhat dubious website.

On Instagram, the account Tweet embed Internet users warned: “I allow you to admire the unfortunate and pathetic offer of Sarah Lopez to put us in an unexpected way in a small niche site (according to her “brother”). A badger puts chocolate in aluminum foil ? A niche site that writes “Brother” ??? Dropshipping specialists, yes, but we Non-Professionals in Consumer Law: Too bad, we are consumers! Respecting consumer rights is not an option!! As if we haven’t seen these bears anywhere, for two years, in product placements or even better, at Gifi (at @gifi.officiel worth This bears about 15 euros.) I count on you not to write to her privately or publicly to discredit or insult her.”

Sarah Friso: In the middle of putting on a product, you post an opinion that sends shivers down your spine

Today, another brand is finding itself in turmoil. This is also the brand that has been highly acclaimed by influencers Secret Pin-upWhich offers cosmetics made from goat’s milk.

Unfortunately, for the brand, it was awarded by a famous filter Very bad ad. In fact, while she was in the middle of the product launch process, the latter mistakenly posted a negative notice to say the least…this is Sarah Friso and this is the account Tweet embed any reports: Sarah made a mistake while launching her latest product. Published the first review on the products.” Text notice: Thank you for your advice, a week between these two photosThen an equally positive second: “I ordered the full set (…) and wanted to tell you that at the moment, I am satisfied with your products, so thank you. »

But when Sarah Friso shared a third opinion, things went wrong. In fact, it was probably posted by a reality TV filter Monitor Very fast. If the customer initially sent a very positive first message, she returned to the young woman later with a completely different message.

In fact, we can read: “Hello, finally Your soap in the long run killed my skin. I had to resort to dermatology And seeing my skin, “You had a bad reaction to cosmetics,” Dermato told me. It’s a shame for you. I wouldn’t advise you at all.” Excuse me.

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