Les 12 Coups de midi: This is the face of Zette, the game’s primary soundtrack?

This Saturday, July 2, 2022 prime time on TF1 is expected a great evening dedicated to 12 noon shots On the occasion of the twelve-year anniversary of the program. A documentary has been made going back to the beginnings of the cult game and behind the scenes. Of course we will find oil, the famous voiceover that almost always accompanied Jean-Luc Reichmann. For the first time, she She will reveal herself publicly !

Latest version of Entertainment TV However, I outdid everyone by posting Isabelle Ben Haj’s photo In its latest issue on June 27. She had auburn hair tied up in a bun and a long bang that fell slightly over her beautiful green eyes. Our colleagues in passing remember that Zet was not always Jean-Luc Richmann’s partner in 12 noon shots. “For the first six months of the game, it was Véronique Le Nir, better known as Fairy Eulalie, who filled the role.“, We read.

The friendship that lasts between Jean-Luc Reichmann and Zett

In 2018, during an interview with production company Sonacom, she captured Isabelle Benhadj in her prime before becoming the main voice on the show. “In 1987 I sent a demo tape to Fun Radio that had just been set up in Paris and they gave me the chance. (…) There I also met Jean-Luc Richmann who was doing the voiceover with me, isn’t that funny?‘, she remembered.

Once they find each other 12 noon shots, Everything was very normal between them. “It gave me space to be delirious and play the “ocean” part, even if it meant overdoing it, otherwise it would be less fun! At first I was intimidated, but he encouraged me to be normal and even though it is stressful because we record five shows a day, I find it very interesting to give him the answer!‘ she admitted to him.

Jean-Luc Richmann also spoke of Isabelle Benhadj, whom he considers to be a very good friend. “We share things, we are friends, we know each other by heart. You know my family and they have three kids… I’m her boyfriend in life! We feel very close, it’s a real complicity between her and me. yI know how she breathes, I know when she’s awake, I know by her haircut if she’s okay, I know she’s on an electric bike, I know the kids are her life, and she has a three-legged dog from the spa… She is more than just a friend“, to leave current wife in 2019.

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