A woman’s face reconstructed from the Bronze Age in the Czech Republic

Many researchers are fascinated by how ancient peoples lived. In fact, a team from the Czech Academy of Sciences has recreated the face of a Bronze Age woman. She will be a woman belonging to a high social rank.

A rich woman’s face from the Bronze Age reconstructed

A museum in the Czech Republic has reconstructed the face of a Bronze Age woman. This feat was achieved thanks to bones that were found in a cemetery located in the north of the country. The Moravské zemské muzeum He unveiled his work on his Facebook page.

So researchers performed a reconstruction of the face of a woman recovered from a cemetery in Bohemia. Given the number of possessions she was buried with, scholars have assumed that she was very wealthy during her lifetime. The bones of this woman were discovered at a site near the village of Mikulovici in the northern Czech Republic.

Researchers conducted carbon dating of its remains and discovered that it would have lived between 1880 and 1750 B.C. In fact, before the start of the First War, this area was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Furthermore, his name has remained there until now. The woman’s remains were discovered along with 5 bronze bracelets, two gold earrings, and a three-strand necklace of amber encrusted with nearly 400 beads and 3 sewing needles. These gems show how This woman was rich.

The graves of women were separated from the graves of men

Despite his wealth as well as the reconstruction of his face, archaeologists have not been able to discover his exact identity. can belong to a cultureněticereports geo. This is a Bronze Age culture famous for the metal objects it made (axe, jewelry, etc.).

This woman was discovered in one of the 27 graves that were excavated. Even more impressive, this woman had the best preserved skull ever. This thus facilitated the reconstruction for the researchers. They discovered that she had soft skin, brown hair and eyes. This discovery also sheds light on some points. The research team claimed that the graves on the border of Bohemia were made up of only men. This means that the position of a woman is different from that of a man.

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