8 perfect hairstyles to tie them up in summer

The weather is improving, but given the season, temperatures will rise very quickly again. And when the heat hits, we only have one desire: tie our hair to release it from our face and neck. But now, if you have chosen short hair, You know how hard it can be to find a hairstyle that lasts all day. To prevent your hair from falling out along the way, here are some ideas The perfect tied hairstyle…even if you have a box!

smooth hair

That’s right, it’s not a “connected” hairstyle, but it has the same qualities: it completely removes hair from our faces. Perfect if you are planning a dinner with friends or a party a partySmooth hair consists of flattening all of your hair back. In order to keep the hairstyle in place, it is necessary to work with gel and hairspray.

boxer braids

Boxer braids aren’t just for women with long hair. Girls with a square can totally fall for this hairstyle. Just need to work on it wet hair to facilitate the design. Finally, if some hair is trying to escape the mats, feel free to apply a cap of hairspray.

braided crown

This is one hairstyle at a time glamorous and rustic ! A braided crown fits any occasion. To achieve this in a very easy way, we make two large braids in the front, and then tie their ends at the back of the head. Great effect guaranteed!

braided wicks

This hairstyle is especially for those who have short hair, who want to clean their face, but hate tying up their lengths. Braided locks were very fashionable in the nineties. In the back, we make two rather thin mats in the front of the head, tie them with a thin tie … and you’re done!


Reserved a few years ago for tying your hair when you shower, the big clip has become a very charming and fashionable accessory. It’s your turn to twist your little lengths and hang them underneath Gradient, colored or even patterned pliers.

Bun tied with a scarf

The bun is a classic hairstyle that sometimes lacks originality. To give it that touch of bib that it’s lacking, simply tie it up with a beautiful silk scarf. It’s better that you do it Match your clothes !

Scarf “Vishu”

As a kid, you probably used to wear a bandana in your hair like a scarf. For a more elegant result, you can bet on Beautiful silk box. The result is really cool, especially in summer!


A bit like a large clip, the headband was an accessory that we basically put in our bathroom. From now on, we wear it during the day, outside. Of course, we’re not talking about the bunny headband you use to remove your makeup, but about a classic cotton headband. Ideal for cleaning the face and neck In 10 seconds!

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