Rapper Moha La Squale jailed for violating his judicial review

Justice – The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed, this Thursday, June 30, the placement of rapper Moha La Squale, accused since June 2021 of “sexual assault” and “violence”, in pretrial detention, for failing to comply with his judicial review of former companions, we learned from Agence France-Presse. Press, Friday, July 1, from a judicial source.

Parisian He had indicated in mid-June that the rapper had been arrested in Paris, in the Gare du Nord, against the background of his descent from Thales from Germany, in implementation of an arrest warrant for violating judicial control. Then Mohamed Belhamed’s real name, Moha La Squale, was returned to pretrial detention, and the decision was appealed.

He appeared Thursday in front of the investigation room of the Paris Court of Appeal, dressed in a gray and black tracksuit, long loose hair, during a hearing attended by Agence France-Presse, but soon the camera was announced.

The judges confirmed his pretrial detention, according to the judicial source. “The facts are disputed and we are convinced to open a judicial investigation because Mr. Bel Ahmed has a firm intention to defend himself, which he has already begun to do,” he had indicated at the time of his indictment. His lawyer, Me Elise Orfi.


“I have never raised my hand to a woman. The artist defended at the end of April 2021 on Twitter.

Moha La Squale is specifically charged with spousal violence, spousal sexual abuse, death threats by a spouse, kidnapping several victims and placing him under judicial supervision. It has been the subject of at least six complaints, most of which appeared in September 2020.

Moha La Squale was one of the biggest discoveries of 2018, and the author of the first album Bendro It was well received by audiences (a gold record, over 50,000 copies sold) and by critics.

The #MeToo movement saw a contrast in the French music world with #MusicToo, which appeared on the account of the same name during the summer of 2020 on Instagram. This tool has collected several hundred victims of sexual harassment or assault, according to its count.

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