Coroner says Reiser’s scenario ‘highly unlikely’

In Reiser, “harmful” and “conspiratorial” traits: what to remember from yesterday

Thursday was devoted to hearing witnesses and experts. Besides witnesses: the pedestrian who found the remains, two women who responded to Jean-Marc Reiser’s ads for dwellings on Le Bon Coin, and two former neighbors of his building on 1st Pearl Street in Sheltigheim. On the part of the experts: first a scientific police officer who specializes in cellphones, and two psychologists.

yesterday morning

■ pedestrians in the Rosheim forest, near Grendelbruch

Yesterday morning, the Assize Court was able to hear a pedestrian who found the remains of Sophie Le Tan’s body, in the Rosheim Forest near Grindelbruch, on October 23, 2019. [l’]led to finding the skull.” “I managed to get Sophie back to you,” he slid down, and pointed.

■ Forensic scientist expert in mobile networks

Above all, an expert with the rank of brigadier general in mobile networks came to abandon him. He was affiliated with the National Science Police Service in Echoli (near Lyon), and made the flights of Sophie Le Tan and Jean-Marc Reiser according to items reported by investigators.

The accused’s phone “launched a relay at approximately 11:30 pm. [le vendredi 7 septembre 2018, jour de la disparition], then lost the network until about 1:30 AM. According to his analyzes, this can confirm the hypothesis of Jean-Marc Reiser’s trip to the Roschem Forest on the evening of Sophie Le Tan’s disappearance.

■ Two young women looking for housing through Le Bon Coin

Finally, I saw two young women looking for accommodation via Le Bon Coin. Both describe an advertiser as “closed down” and “on the run”, not answering questions about the studio, not giving an appointment at their address but in their sector. Appointments not attended. I received insults…text messages of seduction.

If you can’t pay the rent, I can settle for an extra once or twice a month like psychoanalysis on the couch LOL

Jean-Marc Reiser via SMS to a young woman who replied to one of his rental ads

“If you can’t pay the rent, I can settle for an extra once or twice a month like psychoanalysis on the couch LOL,” he ended up writing to her. The second, when she saw items on social networks about Sophie Le Tan’s disappearance, she established the connection. She had tried to visit Jean-Marc Reiser’s apartment in August.

Yesterday after midday

■ Two ex-neighbors 1 Pearl Street in Sheltigheim

Yesterday afternoon came to testify two of Jean-Marc Reiser’s neighbors. At the time, they lived in the same building at 1 Pearl Street in Sheltigheim. The two recounted that they met on Friday, September 7, 2018, the day of the disappearance of Sophie Le Tan, the “smiling” young woman, uninjured in her hand. [une des déclarations de Jean-Marc Reiser].

They both report a “smell” in the trash the following Monday. “Terrible, with huge flies” for the first; “Weird, as if we had left a dead animal for several days,” for the second time.

“She knew where she was calling, and she didn’t call randomly,” said the former neighbor who recognized the young woman in the photo the family released.

■ two psychologists

Second, it was the turn of two psychologists to testify. Both reviewed the life of Jean-Marc Reiser since his childhood, before he turned into his character. In the accused, both retain “corrupt” qualities.

“He is always trying to exploit his interlocutor,” Carol Rabolini emphasized. But he does not present with a “psychotic structure,” nor does he suffer from “delirium puffs,” as his colleague Valerie Datter-Rabimananjara points out. The first referred to the “transcendental attitude”, the “high esteem” of his person; The second is a “conspiratorial” vision of the world of justice and the media.

Both informed the Assize Court of the comments made by the accused during expert reports. “I must be stupid [pour avoir tué Sophie Le Tan] Someone heard, and I’m not [avant les aveux du 19 janvier 2021]. The other wrote “Pulses, I haven’t received anything in a long time.”

He is a man who has come close to being “cooled” and “disconnected” from what he could have committed, as Carol Rabolini analyzed. As for his “relations with women”, they are “ashamed,” as Valerie Dater-Rabimananjara sees it. He sticks to whomever he chooses.

“He is controlled and cool. He is not structurally reckless”; He’s an “unfamiliar pervert,” concluded Carol Rabolini and Valerie Dater-Rabimananjara, respectively.

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