Zazie couldn’t move anything on her face after Botox

In the world of stars, it is common to see celebrities resorting to plastic surgery to preserve their youth for as long as possible. Zazi is known as a famous artist with a clear flair for nature. She decided to put up with her age and gray hair.

From her real name, Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennesest, Zazie was born on April 18, 1964. She was a former model, and became the undisputed star of French music. After receiving a Botox injection at the age of 31, Zazie bitterly regretted her gesture.

From now on, the star assumes itself as it is. She proudly shows off her gray hair, and encourages everyone to love each other as they are, because people are most beautiful at any age. Zoom in on his secrets.

His story with a syringe

Zazi was born into a family of aristocrats and music lovers. So it is not surprising that she quickly became interested in music. After her studies, she did not directly enter the world of music. After earning her degree in physical therapy, Zazie became a model. She walked for haute couture houses and was featured in prestigious magazines.

Her music career began in 1990, when she co-wrote various music albums. It really all started for her with the release of her album “Zen¨” in 1995. After that, she serialized songs and awards singles.

One of the secrets of Zazi’s beauty. In fact, the years go by, and the singer remains as beautiful as she was when she started. As per her secrets, she maintains her body and beauty by always being in a good mood.

She does sports regularly (yoga) and has a massage. Many netizens wondered if she had succumbed to the temptation of plastic surgery to remain beautiful. The answer is “yes” and this is related to the nature of his work.

In 2018, she spoke about the “intensive impact” of her profession. In the art world, there is a lot of pressure that pushes many artists to use different tricks so that the effects of stress do not appear on their faces.

Some celebrities undergo plastic surgeries, and this is the case with Zazie. However, the singer bitterly regrets this stage of her life.

Years ago, when she was 31, she received a Botox injection in her face, which removed fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, the producer also removed any form of emotional expression:

Nothing moved on my face. My forehead was covered with plaster,


After several years, her face regained its elasticity. If the opportunity arises, the singer is not ready to take this experience back. In fact, I have always regretted using this method. From now on, it assumes itself as it is:

I see that after 50, we are a little freer. I have no more time to waste with things that bother me ¨,


Over the years, she has followed this philosophy, even though she is aware of the reality surrounding this problem.

¨ You can tell yourself that when you get older, you feel worse, but I feel better and better about myself (…) A 55-year-old man with a lot of wrinkles is, apparently, hypersexual, when a woman should defy Gravity, stay young forever ¨,

I let you go.

That doesn’t stop the former coach of “The Voice” from realizing her career and love life.

Dazi’s current life

We are indebted to Zazi’s famous titles like “Not Contrarians”, “I’m a Man”, “Everyone”, “Sucre or Sally”, “I Don’t Know” or even “Send the Waltz”.

She has also made films with roles in “I Don’t Want to Die on Sunday” (by Didier Le Pecheur) and “Avec Mon Petit Bouquet” (by Stephane Mercurio). She appeared in many popular shows like “The Voice”.

After watching a break, she surprised her fans by announcing the preparation of a new song. And in a video posted on June 27, 2022, the singer sent them the following message:

Netizens, hello. I’m currently working on the clip for the next single, hence the decor that’s crumbling, called… I won’t tell you! Who’s coming out… I won’t tell you, but very soon, really very soon, like yesterday, tomorrow , the day after tomorrow “.

She took the opportunity to reveal her new hair look: gray hair. She fully assumes her age and gray hair. There was no longer any question for her about her body and then the retouching of her face. She doesn’t want to relive this experience that she left with very bad memories.

On a personal note, Zazi gave birth to her only daughter, Lola. The latter came to the world on August 16, 2002, from the love of Zazi and musician Fabian Kahen. Although her parents are separated and she lives with her mother, Lola remains attached to her father from whom she inherited certain customs.

“She wants nail polish, headbands, skirts, and dresses to transform. So, she gets along well with her dad who is also very rags. She looks more like him than me!” ,

Zazi said in 2007.

And this does not prevent the singer from being a protective mother to her daughter, who decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents:

“Before, I used to sing her songs, now I find out rhymes, she invents them for me, and that makes us laugh”,

Above all, Zazie does not want her fame to be difficult for her daughter, and to avoid this she takes measures:

¨ Our kids, it’s complicated for them, celebrities are parents (…) as long as we can stop celebrities for nothing, and make it clear that overexposure is rather an outcome rather than a path, that’s fine”,

did she say.

Lesson to learn: We are beautiful at any age.

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