The expert psychologist concluded: “He’s not structurally impulsive.”

Sophie “Ambushed”: What to Remember from Yesterday

This Wednesday, the third day of Jean-Marc Reiser’s trial before the Bas Rennes Trials, set aside the morning for the character of the victim, Sophie Le Tan, and to hear from his relatives. In the afternoon, the investigators came to testify.

Sophie Lu Tan was a young woman who “has a lot of qualities,” summed up the character’s investigator. The first person to appear in Bas-Rhin Assize Court on Wednesday morning, she said she did not find a single negative assessment of the young woman from all the people she could question.

“Nice, earnest, bright, hardworking and careful”: Sophie, born in 1998 to parents who took refuge in Sernai to escape the communist regime in Vietnam, spoke French, Vietnamese, English and German, and worked as a translator for her parents who spoke poorly French, especially for administrative and medical procedures . She was the “right arm of the family”.

Sophie Le Tan was thinking of working in the hotel industry. She was about to start her second year at the Faculty of Economics and Management in Strasbourg. She wanted to get a loan to study in the United States.

For us, it is not the same. There is no more joy

Sylvie, Sophie Lu Tan’s little sister

Then Sophie Luo Tan’s little sister gave a very moving testimony. “Sophie was a wonderful person, she brought so much good to those around her,” says the 21-year-old student. We know we’ve lost someone important. We do not understand how this could happen. “She was careful, she was careful about those around her, she wasn’t a petty person,” said the 21-year-old student.

On September 7, 2018, the day of her disappearance, Sophie Le Tan was due to join her family in Cernay to celebrate her 20th birthday. “It was unbelievable that she didn’t warn us” of a possible delay, Sylvie chip. ” for us, [depuis la mort de Sophie], It’s not the same thing. There is no more joy. »

Sophie Reiser’s relatives described him as a “public danger” and a “loser”.

With the help of an interpreter, Sophie Le Tan’s parents also testified, in Vietnamese, “in great pain.” “I don’t have a future anymore,” Than Hong Poi who is marrying Lu Tan summed up. “Even animals love each other. How [Reiser] Can he do such a thing? Mother said, I tried very hard.

“He is a loser,” then slammed Tri Lu Tan, Sophie’s father. Our family is like a phoenix that has lost its wing and is wounded forever. »

Girl “loving, kind, giving”

We want justice and punishment of the accused. “He’s a repeat offender, and a public danger,” said Nadine, Sophie Le Tan’s cousin. “On September 7, 2018, Jean-Marc Reiser destroyed the happiness of the family,” said another cousin of Sophie, Laurent Tran Van Mang. “You should have heard her father shouting Sophie’s first name in the streets of Strasbourg and Schiltigheim when we were still looking for her. What happened is despicable.”

Finally, the court heard the moving testimony of Valentine, the young man whom Sophie approached before his disappearance. In tears, he recalled his “nascent courtship” with a “nice, kind, caring girl”: “She sent me her last message on Friday.” [7 septembre 2018 à 8h02], I remember her. My reply message, you never open it. »

Razer used his fictitious identities and served up advanced clones

In the afternoon, two investigators came to testify.

Police Commissioner Sarah Jammet notes that Jean-Marc Reiser posted three rental ads on the Le Bon coin website, under two false identities, “Pierre” and “Henry”. The investigation established that the lessor used several different phone numbers: eight in total, including five under fictitious identities.

This phone fleet activity ceased the day before and on the day of Sophie Le Tan’s disappearance, September 7, 2018. Moreover, on that day, Reiser did not go to Restos du Coeur as usual, did not consume any internet, nor would I go to a group walk that I subscribed to, nor He goes to dinner with his girlfriend.

Investigation shows that Jean-Marc Reiser has already developed a scheme

Curator Sarah Jammet

The policewoman confirmed that the accused did not hesitate to object to the facts, did not accept that the investigators questioned his intelligence, and provided accounts when adapted to the progress of the investigation. To hear him at first, “He didn’t know Sophie Lu Tan, she never came to his house and he didn’t post any ads.”

He also told investigators “you won’t find any trace of DNA in my house” after his residence was thoroughly cleaned, right down to the drains.

On Facebook, Reiser liked sexy photos of Asian women

“The investigation shows that Jean-Marc Reiser developed a good strategy,” Sarah Jammet said.

The jury was shown procedural documents: among them, screenshots of the Facebook account that Jean-Marc Reiser liked, consisting of sexual images of Asian women.

For his part, the second investigator, Major Philip Fornes, told the story of the case from the discovery of Sophie Le Tan’s dismembered remains on October 23, 2019 in the woods near Grendelbruch. The police officer also emphasized the constant objections and denials of the accused during the investigation. The investigator said that one day, Reiser contradicted an expert and questioned his legitimacy because of his name, which sounds particularly Vietnamese.

In mid-January 2021, twenty-eight months after his conviction, and nearly a year and a half after the body was discovered in the Rosheim Forest, the accused would finally admit to being the origin of Sophie Le Tan’s death, a “tantrum” after she rejected him.

Reiser dismembered the body to make it easier to transport. For us, investigators, premeditated

Major Philip Furness

“For Reiser, the scene of violence only lasted 10-20 seconds,” Major Furness said. After realizing that she was dead, he said that he had been prostrating with the body for a long time. Refusing to call the police, he decided to dispose of the body and dismember it to make it lighter and easier. On Monday morning, he went into the woods to bury the body in a hole he had come to dig the day before. »

“His confessions reflect his character. The policeman is considered: arrogant, narcissistic, devoid of any sympathy. The investigation shows the extreme accuracy with which he acted, leaving almost no trace. “To the investigators,” Premeditated. Sophie Le Tan was ambushed. »

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