Teen skaters cause scandal in Iran

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Teens talking and skating: This video posted on social media on June 23 may be harmless and can be taken anywhere. But when the scene happens in Shiraz, Iran, when the boys wear loose-fitting shorts, the girls are uncovered and the sexes rub shoulders, there is an uproar: Five people have been arrested among the event’s organizers.

The girls’ hair was revealed, sometimes tight tops and bare arms, the boys wore shorts and loose-fitting T-shirts, Western-style, and they all spoke together in the same place: this is all that the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to prevent its youth. , and it shows in this 45-second video, which appeared across Instagram, Telegram and Twitter on June 23. These teens found themselves in a skate park in Shiraz on June 21 for “Go Skateboarding Day,” an international day to promote skateboarding organized by the International Association of Skateboard Companies.

The Public Prosecutor of Shiraz City, Mustafa Bahraini, said five people were arrested, saying they were just protest organizers. He did not provide any details about the reasons for the arrest, nor about the identity and status of the detainees. There were rumors of the arrest of teenagers, which he denied. For his part, the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic, Muhammad Jaafar Montazeri, declared: “People abroad have the task of organizing these events and are paid for it.”

The director of the local branch of the Iranian Ski Federation was dismissed from his post. In response, local authorities in Shiraz closed popular bars and bookshops for young people.

In Iran, any association between men and women outside of marriage, including minors, is supposed to be prohibited. Single-sex schools. Girls are supposed to wear the hijab from the age of nine. In general, all symbols of Western life are very poorly understood.

This case follows many similar precedents. In 2019, teenage girls were beaten by Iranian police after a water cannon fight in a park. That same year, a woman was sentenced to prison after she sang alone at a historic site. In 2018, Margoon Falls, a tourist site, closed after women danced there, which they are prohibited from in public.

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