Panasonic doesn’t fly for free yet, but it’s more sustainable for the planet

Men who care about their appearance are familiar with the so-called “multigrooming” groups. These kits, consisting of a razor and a range of accessories, aim to meet many needs in terms of beauty: shaving, hair cutting, even hair removal and even maintenance of what manufacturers call “sensitive areas”!

With Multishape, Panasonic wants to renew this genre with a scalable and scalable device, you can buy only the accessories you need.

A pragmatic idea of ​​beauty

If we know Panasonic well in terms of its televisions or cameras, the manufacturer is struggling to settle in the shaving market in France, a world in which the brand has operated since its inception. Through Multishape, “Pana” wants to try to compete with Philips, Braun or Babyliss who occupy the field multigrooming

This generic name evokes devices dedicated to shaving, hair cutting and hair maintenance… So far, the major brands have offered fairly complete kits in this area… but they are often a bit complete! It’s not uncommon to end up with accessories in the box (shaving head, combs, etc.) that you don’t necessarily need.

The robotic base for a multi-use bed, Multishape, from Panasonic. – Panasonic

Multishape takes the concept the wrong way, with a simple and realistic idea at the end: Panasonic sells the base (the handle of the device, which runs on battery power) and accessories separately. In the program: beard and hair trimmer head; Beard and body hair trimmer head; 3-blade mousse head, nose and ear trimmer, and even a toothbrush! The idea here is to respond to the specific needs of consumers, by offering them to buy not only what they need, without charging anything on them, but also to make a small gesture for the environment. Say goodbye to kits full of plastic accessories, not all of them will be used!

Two batteries, two autonomy

Attractive in its approach, Multishape is also attractive in use. The discreet and elegant design of its base meets a clear build quality with an adhesive plastic coating allowing the appliance to be used in the bathroom but also to be washed perfectly.

Each Panasonic Multishape accessory can be purchased separately.
Each Panasonic Multishape accessory can be purchased separately. – Panasonic

Surprisingly, Panasonic offered two different bases, with two types of batteries. The first, which includes a Ni-MH battery, gives it an autonomy of 50 minutes (49 euros). The second, with a Li-ion battery, has an autonomy of 90 minutes (59 euros). The first is rather to be recommended to stingy users, or travelers. For their part, online accessories are sold from 15 to 30 euros. Unfortunately, the entry price remains slightly higher than the price of many groups multigrooming Sold out whole, sometimes offered at half price.

good overall impression

Multishape test confirms the good impression produced by the product. Easy to use, the device offers a good ergonomics with its accessories that simply fit and separate, but also real cutting quality. We were a little concerned about the toothbrush (sound type) and a slightly wide handle, but nothing went against our test.

Panasonic Multishape can be used as a toothbrush.
Panasonic Multishape can be used as a toothbrush. – Panasonic

Upon arrival, Panasonic succeeds in its bet. It will be up to the manufacturer to make his concept last over time and respect the environmental commitments he wants to showcase today. The Multishape may lack a real charging base, or even more so, a USB charging system, which would have freed the manufacturer, however proactive, from providing a power supply with a “special” cable in its case …

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