Les Apprentis Aventuriers: A very big theft was committed on the set!

Nothing went as planned on the set of Les Apprentis Aventuriers. Moreover, a major theft occurred.

Since the start of this season of Apprentis Aventuriers, the broadcast has been punctuated by many controversies. today, It’s theft’s turn to shake the web. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Nothing is going as planned for Appentis Aventuriers

For several weeks, the apprentices took up residence on their island. Isolated from the outside world and from all forms of comfort, they must stick to going as far as possible in the adventure. If they arrive more excited than ever, The game turned out to be more complex than expected.

Starting with Josepa. In fact, the young woman dreamed of participating in the Apprentis Aventuriers show. Therefore, I landed on the adventure with a strong heart. However, her body is slowly coming out. In fact, Looks like the latter is going through hell. Ouch!

And that without relying on his marital problems. In fact, Giuseppa and Paga can no longer get along. But do not panic, because they left the game, Looks like they’ve found their balance.

Moreover, regarding their juniors leaving, nothing happened as planned. As they saw themselves go far in the match, a terrible injury decided otherwise. In fact, Baja injured his foot. Therefore, the couple preferred Withdrawing from the adventure at the gates of the final.

In short, novice adventurers faced many difficulties that sometimes led them to make sudden decisions. This is how a robbery happened on the island. MCE TV tells you more!

Was there a group robbery?

Needless to say, novice adventurers find themselves facing many difficulties. Lack of sleep, extreme hunger but also lack of hygiene, The latter does not seem to be spared. not easy !

Moreover, hunger is often at the center of conflicts. Indeed, since the beginning of the game, the sharing of stakes has caused many clashes. This is the case, for example, of Kelegh and his fishe.

But in reality, food is not the only thing that Abentis Aventurers are lacking. In fact, Virginie has explained on several occasions He suffered a lot from lack of hygiene. No shower, no toothpaste, no shampoo, for Virginie it was too much…

And so, during a medical visit while filming Les Apprentis Aventuriers, The latter found a bottle of washing-up liquid. So I decided to steal it for a new look. On her Insta account, the young woman decided to tell more and detail this big secret.

Indeed, junior candidate Aventurier said: ” Ear I washed my hair with lemon. (…) Not for my reproduction, but hey, I was in a context where I was really desperate. This adventure will make you delusional! Once you find something, once you see something, you take it without thinking! »

Moreover, her companions immediately noticed that her hair was clean. So Virginie decided to create a big lie explaining that she had brought the slime out of an event.

One thing is for sure, that novice cultivators are not done paying attention. But what will be the next story? Follow.

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