Decapitation of a hunter in a hole: a stunning development after 27 years of facts, his widow in police custody

The body of 28-year-old Father Christoph Doerr was discovered in Allier on December 25, 1995, and his head was never found.

A case that was never clarified and that was relaunched a few weeks ago, and a reopened investigation could allow the mystery that has surrounded it for twenty-seven years to be resolved. Especially with the victim’s widow being placed in police custody on Tuesday, June 28.

On December 25, 1995, the body of a 28-year-old fisherman and father, Christoph Doerr, was found in a ditch in Busset in Allier.

The case becomes even more shocking as the head was beheaded and has since remained untraceable.

On December 16, 1995, the last time he was seen, he spent the evening at his brother’s house to watch a football match. It’s Saturday night. His wife admitted at the time that she did not worry about him being absent the next day because he was going fishing.

The body was discovered on Christmas Day

She will not report her disappearance until the morning of Monday, December 18. his car will be have found same day in Cuset. after a few days,e On Christmas Day, his body will be found without his head.

Since the decapitation was done with a “butcher or hunter” tool, the investigators are convinced that it is a settling of scores among the hunters and focus their research on one of them. Among them he allegedly stole his dogs the day before his disappearance.

While the suspect is assigned, the investigation stops and the file is closed without any further action being taken.

New judicial information on “intentional murder”

Until May 2020 when investigations resume with new instructions.

In April 2022, the brother and widow were summoned by the investigating judge, as reported by Le Parisien, to inform them of the procedure that would have followed and the exhumation of the body for additional analyzes nothing was given. .

A new judicial investigation into “intentional murder” has been opened.

A history of hair dryers

Some disturbing facts are now focusing investigators on the impact of his widow. Dependents pile up Against Christoph Doerr’s wife.

Already at that time, on the evening of his disappearance, when he went to his brother for an evening football, the hunter assured him that he had almost died a few hours earlier.

His wife dropped the hair dryer in the sink while he was in it. His brother explained that he was so shocked by this incident that he had to run away from it to death.

The gendarmerie referred to this testimony in a November 1996 report, which defined the terms “willingly or not.”

Perversion with custody of his widow

Other information shows that the couple were not balanced by the violent arguments reported.

And this Tuesday, June 28, in the morning, the widow of the victim Maria, He was arrested for murder by the gendarmerie of the Clermont-Ferrand Research Department In the Boy de Dome.

The victim’s wife must be released on Thursday, June 30th from police custody. Until now, she would not admit to killing her husband.

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