The 6 best summer trends to look like a goddess!

We’re in the middle of the summer heat, full of laughter, picnics, parties, and wonderful nights spent by the sea. And let’s face it, we all want to look great when we go out! So what better way to change our hairstyles and adapt to the latest hair trends. hot ?! We have prepared for you 6 easy and super trendy hairstyles that will make you look like a summer goddess or a seductive mermaid! Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself! Here are some great hairstyle ideas for 40-year-old women, Summer 2022!

Women’s Hairstyle 40 Years Summer 2022: Summer Hair Trends

Did you know that 40 is the new 30? yes ! No more Karen’s hair and hairstyles too thin. This year, we focus on creativity, style and freshness. Turning 40 is a very cool thing and you should spend it experimenting with hair, styling, hobbies and all the cool activities under the blue sky. However, if you’re a little nervous about drastic changes, we recommend using a hair simulator so you know what you’ll look like before you go to the salon and you might even regret your decision! In addition, we highly recommend cutting your hair in micro cycles so that it looks healthy and can grow faster. To learn more, check out our article on the lunar calendar for July 2022! Now let’s move on to summer hair trends 2022!

Hairstyle Woman 40 Years Summer 2022: Long Bangs

long hair 2022

Our wonderful new girl Zooey Deschanel has always worn long bangs and wavy hair. The actress turned 40 not so long ago and still refuses to change her signature hairstyle. Long wavy hair and bangs are known to rejuvenate facial features by framing them with softness and beauty.

curly hair summer 2022

Wavy haircuts for women 2022

The dynamic Kate Hudson is a true chameleon, going from a long, leafy locket to a short pixie cut. I’ve really tried everything! But this year, I bet on the Scandinavian wave technique and it’s absolutely beautiful! Relaxed, feminine and tender waves go well with all face shapes and create a cool summer vibe.

Women’s Square Cut 2022

Woman Hairstyle 2022 Mid-Long Degraded

Elisabeth Moss turns 40 this year, and what better way to commemorate her with a fresh summer look? Pop has been around for 20 years, when our favorite Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, adopted it. However, her style has evolved and today, the chic look of the square cut is a summer staple. By the way, create no-heat waves if you have fine hair that needs volume!

Long straight hair: hairstyle to look younger

40-year-old woman with long hair

From a certain age, society begins to use its boldness, no one knows where, and begins to philosophize a lot about women and the length of their hair. Have you heard that silly phrase: Long hair is only for little girls? Well, to hell with them all! The stunning Metal Valkyrie Floor Jansen is a vivid example of how you can sport long locks while looking over 40. And to be honest, if you want to look younger, keeping your hair long is the trick!

trendy gray hair

Gray haircuts for women over 40

Rachel McAdams proudly and elegantly displays her gray locks on the red carpet. In recent years, we have become accustomed to revealing our nature and embracing everything that nature sends us. If you start getting it, don’t get rid of it! Why not take care of gray hair in a healthy and wonderful way? As Paris Hilton will probably say by now: “This is hot.”

cut the genie

Hairstyle transformed into a 40-year-old woman

Charlize Theron has made us want to cut our hair a few times in the past. Well, we think it’s time to follow his lead again! How about trying a longer, wavy pixie cut for a fresh summer look? Not only does it look great, but it also gives you the extra volume you’ve been craving for years!

Photo Gallery: Woman Hairstyle 40 Years Summer 2022

Hairstyle idea for a 40 year old woman

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Hairstyle Woman 40 Years Summer 2022: Dare to lock the spotlight around the face for a romantic look!

Haircut after 40

Hairstyle Woman 40 Years Summer 2022: Or, test a trendy bob!

Women's Square Cut 2022

Zooey Deschanel sounds like a Shakespearean fairy tale dream with her story…

Wavy Hair Wig 2022

Anne Hathaway goes for the casual look and lets her hair fall flat on her back.

How do you wear your hair at the age of forty

Women’s Hairstyle 40 Years Summer 2022: Did you know that a short square cut will give you volume?

Hairstyles for women over 40 with fine hair

Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair accessories!

Haircut 2022 40-year-old woman

Leave your natural hair like Kate Hudson…

Hairstyle that looks younger than 40

Hairstyle Woman 40 Years Summer 2022: Floor Jansen’s flawless style!

Hairstyle trends for women over 40

Ruth Negga takes charge when it comes to wavy hairstyles!

The trendy haircut of Ruth Negga 2022

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