Sarah Jessica Parker wants to leave her white hair (and other women) alone

The 57-year-old actress mirrors a photoshoot of her gray hair last year. It assumes them and invites the whole of society to do the same.

yoOn a summer evening in 2021, Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen were having dinner on a balcony in Manhattan. Nothing official. Simple meal with friends in their fifties. Celebrities are observing, the paparazzi captured the moment. And there, the fans turned away. Because you can see the gray roots of Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair, People praised his bravery. And in an interview with the American magazine Allure, the actress returned to this episode, in particular responding to her fans: “Please clap for someone who really has courage.”

It gets better with age

For the Sex and the City star, in fact, Gray hair is just a waste of time. Gone are the hours a hairdresser spends trying to hide the inevitable passage of time. “We spend a lot of time talking about the passage of time in terms of wrinkles and whiter hair, and oddly enough we don’t say that over time you become a better employee, a better friend, a better daughter, a better lover, a better sister,” she says.

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Yes, stress accelerates the appearance of white hair

Especially since everyone is well aware, This commandment for youth is especially valid for women. “You never really talk about it with guys,” Parker notes. Anti-wrinkle creams also target them sparingly. In this famous photo taken in July 2021, Andy Cohen also has gray hair, but no one praised his bravery, or noticed anything about his body.

Sarah Jessica Parker decided to take this double standard philosophically. Either way, she does it all. Furthermore, the 57-year-old actress assures her, Even if she looked 15 years younger without looking like she had surgery, she would still say no.


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