Photo Zazie: At 58, the singer reveals her natural hair, and her gray locks fit her well

Today, natural hair assumes itself, presents itself, and even asserts itself! Like Jamie Lee Curtis or Andie MacDowell, Zazie assumes her color and turns gray

What if the normal sum new trend ? It must be said that with a positive movement of the bodyAnd the Many celebrities assume their naturalness on the networks. Even Kim Kardashian has been seduced by the no-makeup phenomenon. And when we say natural love, we’re not just talking about it Put your makeup aside Like Alicia Keys. From now on, say also stop coloringYou assume your hair is white. Since the consecutive confinement and acceptance of others, it was not so easy. It is increasingly present among American stars, in 2022, Our French celebrities also proudly display their white hair.

Zazi, 58, assumes that her hair is completely gray

For over 30 years, Zazie has been in the hearts and ears of many French men and women. Today, the singer, The Voice’s jury, decided to take a new step: those for natural hair, like Andie McDowell, are hot. To announce the preparation of his next single, Transformed Zazi appeared on Instagram . Say goodbye to blonde highlights and Hello white hair. The look really suits her! The wicks on the front of the head are completely white. Above all, they light up her face and Give Crazy charm for her wavy hair. Something to be inspired. Joyfully and humorously Zazie fully assumes signs of aging, And we love her. But as with all subtle colors, the singer will need to maintain them more carefully than her blonde tresses. white and gray hairMore fragile and demanding attention. That is why we offer you here the best tips to take care of your gray hair, in winter as in summer…

White hair: why should it be protected from the sun?

Like Zazie, do you feel ready to accentuate your gray hair? So keep it as best you can this summer . White hair needs special care in the face of the sun. In fact, they are Less melanin(a natural dye responsible for hair color) and therefore less protected from external factors, including sunlight. The result: if you do not protect your hair from the sun, it may turn bright yellow but above all dry out and become brittle.

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